Silk Road

by A Friedler

What was the Silk Road?

The Silk Road was a network of ancient trade routs. The goods traveled from China all the way to Europe. Traders went through the Silk Road on camel because they could withstand extreme heat. The Silk Road stretched about 5,000 miles (8,050 kilometers). The silk road crossed many mountains and deserts. The Silk Road was the worlds most famous trade rout.

Who Crossed the Silk Road?

Travelers crossed the Silk Road to trade goods and many other things. The Silk Road was a long journey and most of the traders did not make it. There where many little towns on the Silk Road where traders would stop to rest and eat food. Then the towns grew to complex cities. Traders traveled in groups so they can help each other on the way.


Worlds Most Famous Trade Rout!

Where was the Silk Road?

The Silk Road connected east Asia to the Mediterranean. It stretched westward from China through central Asia. Then to Mesopotamia and Europe. Bandits where along the Silk Road steeling things. Parts or The Great Wall of China where built to protect traders. At the shore of the Mediterranean Sea the goods where carried by ship.

Why was the Silk Road Established and dangerous?

The Silk Road was established in 100 B.C. It was Built to trade silk and many other goods. Some of the goods they traded was silk, paper, pottery, oil, metals, precise stones, spices, teas, jewelry, jade, furs, gold, pearls, ivory, cotton, and a whole lot more! It was a very dangerous journey. It was many months of heat, hunger, thirst, and a possibility of bandit raids. Parts of the Great Wall of China where built to protect traders from the bandits.
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