San Francisco

San Francisco Facts

Lots of history took place in San Francisco like the first gold was found on Jan 24,1848 at The Suffer's Fort. There were also wars and fights about land. San Francisco is my dream vacation it is 1,969.2 miles away from Willis Texas. San Francisco is located in the United States in San Francisco California. I want to go here because it looks awesome and fun and has alot of attractions. What makes my destination so Great? I think because it looks fun awesome and has cool places to visit there. There are alot of interesting facts about San Francisco like it has the most fammouse bridge, it has the most famouse prison,it is awesome, it looks fun, There was alot of history there, there alot of fun activities, Different foods, Different style.


It would take about 29 to 30 hours to get there. It is 1,969.2 miles from Willis, Texas. I would take my Family, I will buy a plane ticket to get there.I will stay for about one week


I will stay in an apartment. The apartment has a pool, two rooms, one bathroom, and a kitchen,and living area. I will need to pack pillows, blankets, towels, cups, bowls ect.


The price of the apartment is $169 dollars a week, I will for sure want to get some souvenirs or groceries so i will have to figure out the spending money so groceries for a week are probably like $125 or more depending on what you buy, The plane tickets cost is $1770 for all my family together. so all together with everything will be around $2,000 to $2,300


Things i will do wile im there is visit attractions or go swimming. Things there are to do at my location is swimming, going to visit the Golden Gate bridge and other attractions. Other unique opportunities at the apartment im in is seeing the city lights at night because its in a high place.

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