November 2021

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Congratulations to our Quarter 1 eOS prize winners!

At the end of each quarter, middle and high school students who have an employability average of at least 80% will be entered into a prize drawing!

Our first quarter prize winners were:

Kevin Roth

Lucas Kalinski

Coresha Smith

Carlie Walters

Erin Ueda

Jaiden Brugger

DeAndre Lilly

Alyssa Rankin

There is a free senior portrait session along with several other prizes available for the next drawing at the end of Quarter 2. Students, be sure to attend all zoom classes and remember to value your community, lead by example, and actively engage!

Middle School Imagine Math Leaderboard - keep up the great work!

Thanksgiving Break is next week!

FCPS has extended Thanksgiving break to the full five-day week! It has been a tough year for families, students, teachers, and staff, so a week-long break will hopefully provide some time to relax and enjoy time with your families.

VLA Grading Policy - Middle and High School

The total grade for the year is divided into two categories - summative and formative. The summative category is worth 70% of the total grade and consists of tests, papers, projects, etc that are designed to demonstrate a student’s mastery of the concepts learned throughout a given module. The formative category is worth 30% of the total grade and consists of all the regular assignments assigned during each module.

The grading scale is as follows:

A - 90% - 100%

B - 80% - 90%

C - 70% - 80%

D - 60% - 70%

F - 50% - 60%

In Canvas, students can see their individual assignment grades and feedback from the teacher where applicable. In Infinite Campus, the grade total is displayed, with past due assignments that haven’t been turned in yet counting as ‘missing’ or 0%. Once past due assignments are turned in, the zeroes are replaced with the points earned.

Staff Spotlight

Mr. Gary Bassler teaches fifth grade and serves as our site technology coordinator. He attended Western Governor's University.

"I love VLA for the unique opportunity it provides. Watching each student demonstrate growth in each subject and personal responsibility is special. VLA requires personal independence from everyone and it has been amazing watching my students demonstrate maturity. We have all grown and I am so proud of that!"

Upcoming Dates to Remember

November 29 - December 10 - Galileo testing (grades K-8)

December 6-17 - MAP testing (grades K-8)

December 10 - last day for new assignments this semester

December 17 - last day of school before Winter Break

January 4 - first day back after Winter Break