The Southeast


States and capitals

West Virginia - Charleston*

Virginia - Richmond*

Kentucky - Frankford*

Tennessee - Nashville*

North Carolina -Raleigh*

South Carolina - Columbia*

Georgia - Atlanta*

Alabama - Montgomery*

Mississippi - Jackson*

Florida - Tallahassee*

Louisiana - Baton Rouge*

Arkansas - Little Rock*


There are a lot of waterways in the southeast. The Mississippi river. It has 13,000 square miles of mud in it. The Okefenokee swamp in Georgia has many alligators in it. Off of Florida is the Florida Keys where there is lots of coral and lime stone skeletons.


In the southeast the climate is 80 to 90 degrees. It rains a lot. winter is rare in the snow gets up to 1/2 inches. there's hail storms hurricanes every once in a while.

Historical sites

The Wright brothers were from the southeast and they invented the first airplane. There also is a Thomas Jefferson statue in Virginia. St. Augustine Fort in Florida it is the oldest permanent European settlement 1565.

Industries & natural resources

Tabasco sauce is made in Louisiana and is made from red hot peppers. Sweet tea is popular in Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia because sugar is a important product. Diamond state park is in Arkansas you can keep your own diamonds. Some natural resources are: peanuts, cotton, oranges, tobacco, timber, soybeans, and oil.


The southeast has more wet lands than any other region. The southeast lowlands are very humid. The Appalachian Mountains are the oldest mountains in the u.s. One of the mountains in the southeast is Mt. Mitehell it is part of the Appalachian Mountains. The Piedmont region is on the eastern side of the Appalachian Mountains and is full of rolling hills.

Amazing facts

More presidents were born in Virgina than any other state. The southeast has under water parks in Florida. There cotton fields in Mississippi. There also are the great smoky lakes in Tennessee. It has horse farms in Kentucky for the Kentucky derby.
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An important boundary in the southeast is the Atlantic Ocean. South of it is Cuba and the Bahamas. Another boundary is the Gulf of Mexico. West of that is Mexico. East of that is Africa.

Changes I would make

If I were to move to the southeast I would change to t- shirts, shorts, and flipflops. I would put away my uggs, snow pants, snow boots, and my snow jackets because I don't need them.

How do people use natural resources

The people in the southeast use soil it helps the crops grow. They have cotton fields it is used to make jeans.They put poultry, fish, and milk in grousry stores. They also have fule for cars.

If I were to ...

If I were to move to the southeast I would go to the beach a lot, and go to Disney world, and Universal studios. There's lots of jobs there like farming, and making jeans.