Abigail's Bucket List

Hang gliding over the Grand Canyon

1. hang gliding over the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is Located in Arizona not far from Las Vegas. The Grand Canyon is being physically weathered and broken down by water, glaciers and some wind. The water is slowly carving out pieces of the rock and changing the shape of the canyon.
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2. Cliff Jumping

In Texas there are some cool places to go cliff jumping. One of them is in The Cliffs in Lindale, Texas. The Cliff is getting physically weathered by wind erosion. This happens when wind blows against the rock and carries parts of the rock away
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3. Rope Swinging

The worlds largest rope swing is off Corona Arch in Moab. This arch is being physically weathered by wind erosion. The wind blows across the arch and carries pieces of the arch away.
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World's Largest Rope Swing

4. White Water Rafting

There are a lot of cool places to go white water rafting in New York. One of those places would be the Black River Canyon near Watertown, New York. The rocks of this river physically weathered because the waves crash against it everyday which causes them to get worn and broken down.
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5. Zip lining

You can go zip lining a lot of cool places like over lake Travis. You can see all of lake Travis and the Texas Hill Country. The rocks in Lake Travis are being physically eroded. This happens because the water moves over the rocks and slowly wears them down.
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