The Gilded Age

By Cam Fox

Andrew carnige

1. Andrew carnige sold his company for 480,000,000 dollars in 1901

2. He built 2500 schools and libraries over his life time.

3. He gave away 350 million dollars!

4. He was the main steel supplier for the US in the 1880-1900

FUN FACT!!! He was only 5'3''!

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Tomas Edison.

1. Made a light bulb lasting over 1200 hour!

2. He formed the Edison Electric Company (EEC) in1878

3. Pantended his first light bulb in 1879.

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Samuel Gompers

1.Samuel Gompers founded the Americain Federation of Labor (AFL) in 1886.

2. He lead strikes that helped raise wages for workers.

3. The was the AFL president for 8 years.

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Union Pacific

1. They completed the railroad in 1889 with a final golden spike.

2. The completion made travel easier and lowers prices in 1889.

3. There piece of the railroad was 12800 miles long

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