Importance of Email Marketing

Hidden Mystery Behind Email Marketing campaigns

Hidden Mystery Behind Why Email Marketing campaigns are important in Internet Marketing

Human beings passed through different stages of world, and there is no doubt we are now living in digital age of the world. According to the statistics, more than 34% of the people in the world use email facility and it is growing up . Emails can be personal emails or business emails and it is assessed that people share about 109 billions of business emails per day which is a major number compared to other types of emails circulated per day. This the main reason why people use email as a successful marketing strategy.

Email marketing, without any doubt is a very effective way to communicate with people. People can share their ideas, experiences and business strategies effectively with in less time. Furthermore it is a classic way of reaching your targeted customers in a stylish and attractive way.

In this article we are going to discuss some important points why you should never underestimate Email marketing if you are running a internet business.

1. It is more successful than Social Media to achieve client

Social media is one of the best channel people can use in internet marketing but in the perspective of customer acquisition) email campaign can do lot more. Because it more focus on a list of people who are interested in your business or simply we are sending email to a targeted customer list. So there is a more chance to happen a conversion comparing to social media.

2. Comparatively Requires Less Budget

Email campaigns are easy to do, and it is inexpensive and targeted large number of customers compared other marketing strategies. No doubt, small business run on low budget email marketing campaign can target this type of campaigns without any burden.

You can still attach traditional marketing tactics like images printing and postages with extra features like clickable follow-up information for your website.

3. All the campaigns are


Email campaigns have special features, like rather addressing receivers with dear customer, Hi all and etc you can set features to address your client by his name. e.g.: you are sending email to Mike, so greeting will be displayed to Mike as "Hi Mike" and for Emma it will say "Hi Emma"

4. Lead with a reply Action

I know you haven't think about this deeply but everyone is trained to do something with an email like reply, forward, sign -up or etc. Use it for your business, and get traffic back to your website by creating something attractive for clients to link back

5. All Your Actions are Measurable

You need o guess anything anymore. All your work is measurable here. You can track how many people opened, read, closed your message or how many emails got spammed. So you can get a full idea about how your email campaign worked and measure your full strategy.

6. Time to go Mobile

Now a day mobile phones have become so common, everybody use it even a little kid. And people has ability to check email everywhere they go, even they are in their bathroom, So you get the point what I'm taking?

When you plan your email campaign never ever forget to customize it in a mobile friendly way, there is no doubt that you will get more conversions that regular PC users. Mobile users are always more active and always available.

Try your email marketing today with list of people who are interested in hearing from you , Write beautifully and attractively for an email marketing campaign that works.