The Empire with War, Tribute, and Trade


The Aztecs built there capital on an island in lake Texcoco, they decided the location by a ancient legend that had a bird with a serpent in it's mouth there capital was called Tenochtitlan. They built causeways - (or raised roads across water and/or wet ground) to make it easy to

Social Status

The Aztec's social status or (ranks) started with the king as the top and the slaves at the bottom. In the next rung down from the king it was his sons that were tax collectors and other important jobs. Next was the priest and warriors they were very influential to the kings giving them leverage about what the empire shall do. Then was the artisans and last before the slaves were the farmers and most of the people were farmers.

Leisure Activtys


The Aztecs were polytheism people they believed that there was more than one god. These gods controlled nature such as rain,sun,and moon. The Aztecs believed that they had to sacrifice nearly 10,000 people per year to feed the gods (keep them happy). They would also offer blood and pierce there tongues to satisfy them.

The fall of the Aztecs

Montezuma the second was the last Aztec Emperor his downfall was by the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes. When Cortes arrived the emperor welcomed him giving him gold and other gifts because he thought he was a god. But Cortes wanted more so he captured the emperor and accidentally brought the disease smallpox to the Aztecs. The battle was quick thanks to the conquistadors advanced weapons, resulting in Montezuma's death and the fall of the Aztec Empire.