Remembering the life of Myrtle

A little bit about Myrtle

Myrtle Wilson, 45, of Queens, New York, died June 13 from a fatal hit and run accident.

She was born in Queens, New York, December 27, 1875, to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. Myrtle graduated from Sterling High School in 1893. She was married to George Wilson, August 28 1895.

Myrtle was a stay at home wife who made earnings by selling baked goods to the locals of the Valley of Ashes. She was a part of the knitting club at her church that she and her husband attended. She was survived by her husband George Wilson.

Funeral Service

Tuesday, June 15th 1920 at 10am

5648 Queens Baptist Church in Queens, New York

There will be lots of food, music played by her uncle Shawn, and a time to give your respects to her husband at their house (located above his automobile garage)

How Myrtle passed

Myrtle died by running out into the road towards oncoming traffic.

Many who knew Myrtle would describe her as a cheater, gold digger, and a liar. She lived a double life and was never happy with life.