Walter Mitty's Secret Life


The authors text structure defines the characteraztion by using three specific details.

Claim 1

An example of humor was when Mitty says "dogbiscuit" to him self and the girls laughed. The author uses this in the story because he wants to show you that was an odd thing to say, so odd that it was humorous.
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Claim 2

Also, the author shows how Walter Mitty feels throughout the whole story. Mitty has mixed feelings in this story, he feels that he is mistreated in reality but he is treated fairly and respectfully in his dreams.
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Claim 3

Walter Mitty lacks self-conciousness, he does not stick up for himself when others disrespect him. His wife and many other characters in the story disrespected him and he lets them boss him around. Later in the story, he starts to stick up for himself like when he says this to his wife. "Has it ever occured to you that i do think"


The authors text structure defines the characterazation. The author uses three examples to describe this, he uses humor, feelings, and self-conciousness.
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