Facts about dog abuse

by Erica thigpen


How can i create a presentation that will stop people from abusing dogs? Did you know that the most commonly abused animal is a dog?

Dog abuse is not just physically hurting the dog it can also be emotionally hurting them to. Dog abuse can be on purpose or just not knowing how to take care of an animal. Neglect is not giving a dog food or water or not taking good care of the dog. I chose this topic because i want people to know about this topic so that ,ore people will do things to help stop dog abuse.

Physical abuse

Physical abuse includes hitting, kicking, throwing the animal, or doing anything to hurt the dog. Physical abuse can lead to injury or even death. There was a news story about a dog that needed surgery after being abused. The dogs foot was missing and he needed an artificial leg. That happens to many other dogs in the world. Each year 2 million dogs are killed for their fur. There are factory's called puppy mills that keep dogs in bad condition just to make money, that counts as abuse. Hoarding dogs is another form of abuse. People who abuse dogs are more likely to hurt other people.

This what abused dogs look like.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is abuse to. Emotional abuse can include yelling and screaming at a dog for no reason. If the dog is misbehaving that is different, If the dog didn't do anything wrong and you are yelling at it, that is emotional abuse. Dogs who are emotionally abused are usually more aggressive towards humans.

What does not count as abuse.

Training a dog to do a specific job like a police dog or a circus dog does not count as abuse as long as the dog is taken care of.


Neglect is not taking care of a dog. It can include not giving the dog food or water, not giving it shelter, or not helping the dog when it is sick or injured. If the dog is neglected for long enough it can starve to death or die from dehydration. Neglect can be on purpose or just not knowing how to take care of a dog. Many people who neglect dogs don't even know it.