The Order of the Solar Temple

by Will Newman and Miles Eubanks


The Order of The Solar Temple was a cult group that was founded in 1984 in Geneva, Switzerland. The two co-founders of the group were Joseph Di Mambro and Luc Jouret.

How where the groups resocialized?

  • Believers were resocialized to believe in establishing a correct understanding of power in the world, a second coming of Jesus Christ, and in unifying all Christian churches and Islam.

  • The cult practiced a form of socialization by having large amount of members participating in group events, like mass suicides.

  • Members of the cult display a generalized other by believing the leaders that there would be an apocalypse in the mid 90’s.

  • The members form new peer groups when they participate in the cult and meet new people.

  • The cult shows examples of rights of passage by having differing ranks that members can rise up.

  • The cult desocializes people by making them give up their sense of what is right and wrong and forces them to accept new beliefs.

  • The cult used total institutions to separate members from the rest of the world and force them to either commit suicide or be murdered.

  • Members of the cult adopt new reference groups, through either other group members or leaders of the cult.

Why did the cult end?

Once the media started to shine some light on the murders and suicides that happened because of the group, people started to leave the group. Some of the false teachings of the group were being pointed out by critics. When a former member of the group, Tony Dutoit, spoke out against the cult explaining how some of the philosophies were fake, many of the group members left. Shortly after that there was another mass suicide, however the victims showed signs of struggle and there heads were covered by plastic bags, the authorities started cracking down on the group and many high up members of the cult were arrested. After that the cult came to an end and there has not been mention of the group since.