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Say Hello to One More Child - Foster Division

Whether it’s providing diapers for a newborn, food for a hungry child, safety for an abused or trafficked child, or foster homes to children in crisis, the mission of Fort Myers Baptist Children's Home (FBCH) and One More Child is to meet the immediate needs of hurting children and struggling families and build relationships that demonstrate the love of Christ.

Since 1904 the burden of the organization has been to help one more child who needs our help and has yet to receive it.

FBCH and One More Child impacted more than 249,000 children and families and provided more than 7 million meals last year. Its core program areas include Anti-Trafficking, Child Hunger, Foster Care, Family Support, and Single Moms.

FBCH and One More Child is grateful to the churches, businesses, donors and volunteers who God has used to allow us to expand our expertise and programming to help more children.

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My name is Jordyn Williams and I am One More Child