Come Uptown for breakfast!

ACE Community Partner Breakfast

Thank you for supporting service-learning at IU

I hope you look forward to our semester gathering over breakfast as much as we do. For all the challenges and benefits of service-learning this meal is a small way of thanking you.

Please excuse the lateness of this reminder. I am just returning from paternity leave.

Hoping to see you next Friday!

Michael Valliant

Service-Learning ACE Community Partner Breakfast

Friday, May 1st, 8:30-10pm

102 East Kirkwood Avenue

Bloomington, IN

RSVP by April 29th or just join us Friday

Please RSVP Knowing if you can join us will help the Uptown serve us well.

Given the lateness of this announcement please don't let lack of an RSVP prevent you from attending. I'd rather see your face than rest on formality.