"We are the Pacers my friends"


From the swish of the net to the scream like a banshee of the broad castor broad castor to Indiana's new uniforms the Pacers have had a exceptional team.

The Hickory Huskers Strike Back

"Okay lets run the Picket Fence!" Have you ever seen the movie Hoosiers if you have you probably know the Hickory Huskers. This year (2015-2016) the Indiana Pacers have introduced the Hickory uniforms. They debuted these new uniforms on November 6, 2015, against the Miami Heat. The Pacers are using these new uniforms because of the 30th anniversary of the movie Hoosiers. The new uniforms feature dark red uniforms with yellow numbers and pants.(As shown below)


Paul George broke his leg in the USA vs. Blue game
Paul George breaks his leg... - Team USA - Blue vs White 2014

Coaches always Care

Everybody knows about the Paul George and the coaches just quit right???
The coaches never don't care. Some of the coaches are:
Head Coach: Frank Vogel
Assistant Coach: Popeye Jones
Assistant Coach: Dan Burke
Director of Scouting: Ryan Corbeil
Associate Head Coach: Nate Mcmillian
Vice President of Player Development: Carl Daniels
Senior Director of Medical Operations/Head Athletic Trainer: Josh Corbeil
Physical Therapist/Assistant Athletic Trainer: Carl Eaton
Head Strength and Conditions Coach/Assistant Athletic Trainer: Shawn White
Equipment Manager: Josh Conder
These are the people who teach and train the Pacers they are like the old and smart people and the Pacers are the young people.

Bankers Life Dunk House

The Indiana Pacers play at Bankers Life Feild House when the Pacers get to dunk house and start throwing it down the Pacers fans get really loud

"Who put 5 hour energy in the water fountains"

If you need a drink or your hungry there. Is 54 concession stands and 33 drinking fountains. If you do not feel like walking very long there are 7 elavators and if you don't have Any money there are 3 ATM machines. You never think about building but if your a building person it took 1200 men to build.

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Draft Time!!!

You can't play with no players on your team can you. You draft players!!!
Jordan Hill: 2009 1st Round 8th by NY
Paul George: 2010 1st Round 10th by IND
Monta Ellis: 2005 2nd Round 40th by GS
Lavoy Allen: 2011 2nd Round 20th by PHI
George Hill: 2008 1st Round 26th by SA
Chase Budinger: 2009 2nd Round 44th by DET
Rakeem Christmas: 2015 2nd Round 36th by MIN
Solomon Hill: 2013 1st Round 23rd by IND

Ian Mahinmi: 2003 1st Round 28th by SA
C.J. Miles: 2005 2nd Round 34th by UTAH
Glenn Robinson III: 2014 2nd Round 40th by MIN
Rodney Stuckey: 2007 1st Round 15th by DET
Myles Turner: 2015 1st Round 11th by IND
Shane Whittington:----------------
Joe Young: 2015 2nd Round 43rd by IND

These are some of the people that the Pacers have.

If you won't to know more about drafts go to

Playing Pacers

You need people to play on your team to play and win games right??? Some of the people on the Pacers are:
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To wrap things up the pacers don't just care about basketball they hope to inspire younger kids too, Paul George says it best in this quote
"Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon"
-PG (Paul George)
#13 SF,SG