Phases of the Moon

Made By: Ailene Najera

1st quarter Moon and 3rd quarter Moon

Have you ever wondered what differences were between a 1st quarter moon phase and a 3rd quarter moon phase. Well, they look very similar, but in reality this two moon phases are very different.

1st Quarter moon Phase

The 1st quarter moon phase has the light on the right

3rd Quarter moon Phase

The 3rd quarter moon phase has the light on the left

Differences of the two moon phases

1st Quarter Phase
  • Light on the right
  • Waxing phase- It is getting bigger

3rd Quarter phase

  • Light on the left
  • Waning phase- It is getting smaller

Similarities of the two moon phases

Both are phases are half moons

Space and Earth Perspectives

In Earth the moon is seen differently because the light reflects on one side on the moon giving it the appearance of shrinking and enlarging

In Space you see the actual moon shape so the light is not reflected and you can only see one side