Sped Weekly Update

Week of September 28th

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Have a GREAT week!

Added Transition Assessments

Although many of you have already seen OR have access to, I've added these transition assessment to the SPED shared drive

  • RI Transition Workbook
  • Skills to Pay the Bills

**Thanks Karen for sharing the info from the TAC Committee

From Susan, Chariperson for RIDE Visit

Hi Jessica,

Tell folks we will be asking them about what the “do” in their jobs… how they plan for IEP meetings, reevaluations, how they use data to inform instruction, what they do for transition etc. Most folks after an interview say something like “that is it?”. We do not ask them to quote regulations or anything of that nature. They will talk about what they know and do.



Susan J. Wood, Ph.D

Senior Administrator, Quality Assurance Services

What do expect from the RIDE visit??

  • 3 team members from RIDE will shadow 3 students in regular and general education classes
  • Team members will have studied their complete file from the last 5 years
  • All special ed teachers will be interviewed
  • All regular educators of those 3 students will be interviewed
  • Students will be shadowed on a specific schedule, schedule to come
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IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY: Make sure to read the letter and take the survey! Encourage your regular ed peers to do the same