ATTN: PIT BULL LOVERS fundraiser to start a pit bull rescue

meet and greet dog show

Were calling all Pitt bull and bully breed lover's....on may 24TH we will be having a meet and greet fundraiser to start a Pitt bull rescue for scioto county and surrounding areas our goal is to get the community aware of our cause and there support together we can make good things happen so if your a dog lover join us with live music lots of food and entertainment you will have a good time and most importantly be A VOICE FOR A BULLY!!!!!!!

Be a part of the fundraiser

ALL VENDORS ARE WELCOME TO SET UP... if you would like to set up a booth and sale food,drinks,baked goods,exc..... we are encouraging every one to do so .....we are not charging u a fee to set up at event but we are asking that you make donation at end of night to the cause ........please contact a admin in the group page on face book support rajas voice

ALL BANDS WELCOME .....if you would like to come down and perform live your welcome to a open slot on stage .... please contact a admin or jenna bates on our group page support rajas voice on face book

BULLY DOG SHOW.........ALL BULLY OWNERS can peripatetic no papers needed ... this is a fun dog show being judged on class 1 *best over all groom class 2*best tricks or special skills class 3 *best dressed


single dog prices

one dog + one classes = 15.00

one dog+ two classes =25.00

one dog +three classes=35.00

2 or more dogs prices

two or more dogs +one class each =20.00

two or more dogs +two classes each =30.00

two or more dogs +three classes each=40.00

(first place winner will reserve a cash prize )


bring you bully at your own risk .....ITS IMPORTANT that we keep our dogs and humans safe durring this event and were trying to show the world how good they really are if u have a dog that is agressiave please take the proper precautions at all times....and al ways keep your babys on a leach thank you for understanding.....


if you would like to make a donation you can also do so at