Vatican City

Come Visit in the beautiful city that contains the Vatican

Come Visit Some of Our "Hot Spots"

The Vatican is the center hot spot in our city state! You can also come see St. Peter's Basilica! Also you can look at The Vatican's beautiful gardens, and Michelangelo's famous painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel! Also Come visit some of our 11 museums!

Good things at the Vatican!

Two of the Best restaurants at the Vatican!

1.) Fa-Bio

This restaurant sells quinoa and pasta salads. It also has soups and sandwiches! It is only a 6 mile walk to the entrance of the Vatican museums!

2.) Pizzarium

This is the best place for pizza near the Vatican! It has Perfect dough and high quality ingredients! You can put anything you want on it and the best thing is that it is charged by how much it weighs!

Places to Visit

  1. Sistine Chapel
  2. Vatican Gardens
  3. Vatican Libraries
  4. Last but not least the Vatican Museums