A Brief History of the Universe

By: Emily Elston and Christopher Johnson

The "Big Bang"

According to scientists (who could very well be very wrong), the universe was formed from THE MOTHER OF ALL EXPLOSIONS! Scientists may be on the right track because the Bible states that the universe was spoken into existence, which could be easily be mistaken as a massive explosion because it POPPED into existence.

Formation of Hydrogen

Again, according to scientists, the first atom of Hydrogen, which is the most abundant element in the universe, about 10 million years after the "Big Bang" event.

Formation of the Sun

Scientists state that the Sun was formed about 8 billion years after the "Big Bang" event.

Formation of the Earth

It is believed that the Earth formed a staggering 8.5 billion after the big event. In the early years of the Earth, the atmosphere lacked oxygen, otherwise known as being anoxic.

The First Steps to Life

The first cell formed about 9.3 billion years after the bang, it was believed to be a prokaryotic cell, but it's an extremely difficult idea to back up with fact, as cells are microscopic.
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The Great Oxygenation Event

The Great Oxygenation Event is said to have happened about 11 billion years after the "Big Bang" and, well, the Earth was mass oxygenated, so that it could support more life.

Cambrian Explosion

The Cambrian Explosion wasn't a fiery explosion of death and destruction, sadly, but, it was an explosion of life, where animals "evolved" in massive quantities.
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Mass Extinction

In it's history, Earth has "had 5 MASS EXTINCTIONS." These mass extinctions have happened over the past 500 million years.
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The Evolution of Homo Sapiens.

Homo sapiens, otherwise known as our "ancestors" began evolving fairly recently (in the whole scheme of things), as much as a mere 2 million years ago. Eventually, you got to the modern day human race.
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