Harriet Tubman

Arianna Wilbur

Early life

Harriet Tubman had started working when she was six years old. Harriet Tubman had escaped slavery in 1849. After she escaped she wanted to help escape others from slavery.

Reasons for being an actrist

Harriet Tubman freed herself from slavery. Harriet Tubman decided to free others from slavery. Harriet Tubman was fighting with people because she wanted to help others escape from slavery

important events


it was the civil war

1820 born in early 1820s in Maryland

1850 leads people on under ground railroad

1860.The late 1860s opens home to free saves

1849 Harriet escapes to Philadelphia

1913 Harriet dies.


Harriet tubman was struggling to free her self from slavery.

Harriet Tubman was struggling to help free others from slavery


Harriet Tubman freed other people from slavery

People remember for helping them escape slavery to freedom

she raised money for schools for black children