US v. Watergate

By: Haleigh Beck

Bernard L. Barker

Watergate Burglar. Had a job for a long time as an undercover operative

Virgilio R. Gonzalez

Watergate Burglar. Worked as a driver for Felipe Vidal Santiago.

Eugenio R. Martinez

Watergate Burglar. Member of the anti-Castro movement in the 1960s.

Frank A. Sturgis

Watergate Burglar. Served in many different military branches for the US, in 1958 aided Fidel Castro during Cuban revolution, and was an undercover operative.

James W. McCord

Watergate Burglar. Former CIA officer and then electronic expert.

President Richard Nixon

37th president of the United States. Only president to resign. Served in office from 1969-1974. Also served as a US representative and a Senator from California. Also the 36th Vice President for US