Airplane Mode

(Windows 10)

Toggle Airplane Mode...

Airplane mode is generally a setting that will make a device turn off all communicative features, usually Wi-Fi or any cellular data networks. It can be utilized to conserve battery on mobile devices when these connections are unnecessary.

BUT, if this gets turned to "ON" when you NEED a connection... well, obviously, that's a problem. It's a strange feature to even see in Windows 10 when the device you're on is a desktop computer but because it is apart of the standard operating system, it is built-in to every device.

Here's how to turn it "OFF" (or toggle it "ON" if you need that for some reason; the process is the same...)

1) Find the "Action Center" Icon

This will give you access to several heads-up options and your Windows 10 notifications.

It looks like the image below, in the bottom, right-hand corner of the screen--the system tray.

Big image

Collapsed View?

If the options at the bottom of the Action Center area have been "collapsed" it may look like this:
Big image
In that case, you won't see the Airplane Mode option, unless you click the "Expand" in blue, above your buttons, there.

2) Click Airplane Mode

It's that easy! Find it. Click it. If it's "ON" it should turn it "OFF" and vice-versa. Simple!
Big image

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