Strengthen, Stretch & Stillness Sessions...

When I workout I want to feel:





... and that total blissed out rush of endorphins after a workout!

I want to feel empowered.

With every cell in my body come alive.

Then, bask in that calm and clear peacefulness at the end of a sweat session with some deep stretching and often a meditation to gain clarity.

Does this sound like your type of workout?

This is my template for transformation and I am so excited to be able to share it with you in our sessions. The positive effects such as muscle definition, a toned tum and leaner legs are just bonuses from focusing on how you want to feel.

It’s a total mindset change that creates a love for fitness. You crave that feeling again and again.

In sum, I created something that I wish existed.

An elegant way of working out that re-aligns the body, mentally and physically. Assisting you in creating the body you desire in 30-60 minutes a day, to re-connect with what truly matters. It’s my life raft and days without it aren’t the same. Yours won't be either.

The Thrive Method


Dynamic stretching and warming up to get you in the zone, whilst activating your muscles.


Each session is multi-dimensional and customised to help you produce the results you desire… A combination of functional training, barre, core, cardio, plyometrics, suspension training and plenty of metabolism boosting movement. Functional Fitness focuses on exercises which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily without injuries.


The most important part of the session to wind down and combat any stress hormones circulating your body. Cortisol and adrenaline work against the fat loss process. This brings your mind and body back into balance, and elongates your muscles through stretching it all out. Foam rolling and deep yoga stretches conclude each session, enhancing your recovery and flexibility.

Start date: Monday 18th April

Finish date: Thursday 7th July

PLEASE NOTE: There is a 2 week break beginning Monday 6th June. The remaining 3 weeks left in the program will commence on Monday 20th June. I'll be undertaking the Byron Yoga Level 1 Course during those 2 weeks & will be super excited to share more knowledge with you!

Almost 3 months for your total mind & body personal transformation, and my support every step of the way.


Monday nights, Tuesday mornings, Wednesday nights & Thursday's indoor sessions are at the home studio (address given upon confirmation of your session).

Tuesday Nights Boxing outdoor sessions are at The Soundshell


The program + payment is for 10 weeks of training

1 session per week: $135 upfront

2 sessions per week: $265 upfront

3 sessions per week: $375 upfront

4 sessions per week: $485 upfront

(add $20 for indoor sessions, only once if you are doing two indoors, you don't have to pay the $20 twice)


1. Confirm your place by choosing your sweat sessions and ticking the boxes below

2. Submit this form by clicking 'Submit' at the bottom of the page

3. I will send you a confirmation email in response.


Drop cash to the home studio in an envelope with your name


Bank deposit to

BSB-063520 Account number-10828505.

Your place is only secured upon payment my loves. Please deposit/pay before APRIL 8th in order to work out the session lists and plan accordingly.


  • If you know you will be away for some period, other arrangements can be made. However, if you miss a session without 24hrs notice this will be at your own cost + not made up.

  • If you are a shift worker and unable to commit to a particular session time, I am flexible with your sessions. You're able to pay upfront for the amount of sessions you'd like to attend each week, and hand-pick the sessions weekly you're attending by sending me a text message a week in advance.

Love + Happiness,




Monday's Inner Strength & Flow indoor session is primarily bodyweight, pilates & yoga style workout that finishes with a beautiful meditation to set you up for the week, raising your vibrations, focus and clarity. This is a gentler way of working out- strengthening your mind & body.

Tuesday's Thrive Method indoor sessions are all over strengthening sessions designed to tone & trim- utilising the ballet barre, suspension trainers, and cable machine.

Tuesday's Boxing & Plyo outdoor sessions are the perfect release and feel good fitness sesh to some awesome beats in nature! Wonderful if you sit at a desk all day and are nature and fresh air deprived.

Wednesday's Thrive Method indoor session has a core focus, and is designed to tone your upper body too! Some boxing will be done fortnightly in this session too.

Thursday's Thrive Method indoor sessions are a full body fitness regime with a focus on your booty! Utilising the barre, suspension trainers, and cable machine.

Friday's at 5.30pm indoor fusion class of Barre, Yoga/Deep Stretching & Meditation are the only casual session I have going. This is not a part of the 10 week program but you are welcome to come along whenever you can! $10 for your first sesh and $14 from there on. To book into this session, please join yourself to the Thrive training group and each Thursday I will post, allowing you to comment and book your place. See link to group above.

ALL levels of fitness welcome and catered for in each session! No you don't have to be 'fit' to come along- that's what I'm here for. Your accountability and to guide you along the way. If you are concerned your ability to participate in the classes is not up to scratch or you wish to build up some confidence first, contact me to book in some private sessions to learn the ropes and ease your way into the group classes.

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