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The Judaism Faith

Jews believe in one god called God (of Abraham- called Adonai in Hebrew). Jews believe Abraham was very important to God. Jews believe in the TeNaKh as their holy book. Te as the stories prophets told, Na for the history of God and the prophets, and Kh for ancient writings prophets wrote. Jews believe in the ten commandments given by God to Moses. Jews also believe in prayer, and Jews have to study the Torah. Jews believe they only have to eat Kosher Foods(specific foods told not to eat in the Bible). Jews also believe when a boy turns thirteen, he becomes a Bar Mitzvah, and when a girl turns twelve, she becomes a Bat Mitzvah which means they have religious responsibilities from now on. Jews worship in a Synagogue, and a Rabbi(teacher) preaches to the Jews. There are three sections of Jews, Orthodox, Conservative, and Reformed. Yom Kippur is a special holiday, the day of atonement which means to ask for forgiveness, pray, and fast(do not eat or drink). Rosh Hashanah is another holiday where Jews celebrate the Jewish New Year ,eat sweet apples, blow a ram's horn to signal the end of fasting, and pray. Every Friday to Saturday, Jews have to rest and pray because these are very holy days. Jerusalem is a very special land to Jews because it was the Promised Land of the Jews and Prophets.
Jewish Music - Hava Nagila