Jane's Bakery

For all your desert, baking, and craving needs

About Jane's Bakery

We sell a variety of deserts including baked goods, ice cream, and even have a vegan selection. I, Jane, have sole proprietorship because I like being in control, am very responsible and wouldn't trust any partner or corporation to make the correct choices to grow my business while maintaining my standards for my business. Advantages of holding sole proprietorship are making executive decisions, low over head, no labor costs, elf employment and financial independence. My business disadvantages would be long hours, fewer days off for less money, no financial support because I am completely independent. Jane's Bakery addresses employees' concerns by creating an open dialogue between managers and staff as well as a suggestion box for employees. A quality work environment is maintained with strict standards set by management against harassment, aggression, or inappropriate behavior. My business will not have a labor union because I don't wish to expand my business so I will make sure all my employees are well paid and can have a dedicated career working in my bakery. My workers will have a voice in my business because they will be treated well and there suggestions will be heard and considered for the future of the business. My business will be involved in feeding the homeless, promote recycling in the store as well as have recycling bins with my company's logo distributed throughout the community.