BY ROB MACK and Adreona Bell

Roles that women played...

-Eleanor Roosevelt helped women and was important during her husband presidency

- Frances was the first woman to head an executive department

-many women became leaders in government agencies during the New Deal

Roles of African Americans

- William Hastie became the first black federal judge in US History

- Met under the leadership of Mary Mcleod Bethune director of Negro Affairs In the National Youth Administration,

- He liked African Americans but had to respect the other people.

Artists During this Time Period

-Dorethea Lange was another celbrated chronicler of the Great Depression.

- James Agee depicted the lives of sharecroppers in the Lower South.

- Walker Evans compassionate and unblinking images formed a moving record of the reality of rural poverty.

Popular Entertainment in the 1930`s

-Most of the movies on the hardships of life during the Great Depression.

- popularity in 1930s were grand musicial featuring glamorous dancers .

- Comedey was also popular

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Radio :

- captivate listeners was dramatically demonstrated in OCtober 1938.

- It helped broaden appeal jazz.

- Swing was one of the popular radio show

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Music :

- Swing swept the country in the 1930s .

- it had its share of Africian American stars.

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Sports :

- Baseball remaind a popular attraction.

- Boxing was also popular in 1930s.

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