Background Information

Barbados's capital is Bridgetown. Some of it's major cities include Holetown and The Crane. Barbados was controlled by the UK until November 30, 1966 when it gained it's independence. Still today it's citizens speak English.

Other Facts

Geographical and Political Info

Barbados is north east of Venezuela and in the Caribbean Sea. It is relatively flat, but rises gently to Central Highland region. Barbados' system of government is commonwealth. Their leader is Queen Elizabeth II and they are on good terms with other countries.

Economic Information

The currency used in Barbados is the Barbadian dollar. The economic system is capitalism important consumer goods, machinery, fuel, and chemical. They get imports from Trinidad and Tabago, the US, and China. The exports that they make are rum, sugar, molasses, food, and chemicals. Trinidad and Tobago, the US, St. Lucia, Jamaica, and the UK.

Why You Should Visit!

In Barbados, natural beauty is everywhere! The country's sub-tropical climate makes every day a great day to go on an adventure or to relax on the beach.