Ancient Egyptian Religion

By Kaylana Veness

Ancient Egyptians Animal Gods

When you see Ancient Egyptian gods they are part animal. These animal parts on the gods represent them. For example Sekhmet goddess of War has a lion head to represent shes ferocious.
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Amun The God

Amun, his the most worshipped god. Why? Amun gained most of his popularity from replacing the war god Montu. He replaced Montu in the New Kingdom, King Tut was ruling near that Era. Due to the time that he took over Montu, Egypt had a big influence on the world, so he became a universal god. According to the Greeks he is equalled to their god Zeus, a powerful god.

Ditual Ritual

The rehearsal of life. This ritual only happens in temples. Ditual ritual would happen hours before the sun rose. Ancient Egyptians participated in religious rituals so that their words would give them happy lives and an abundance of food.

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In the picture above you can see a women doing the Ditual ritual around the temple.

Interesting Facts

  1. For Cleopatra to perform ceremonies she had to be a man, so she wore a fake beard.
  2. Priests and pharaohs were only allowed inside the temples. There was so much precious stuff that others may have a chance to steal it.
  3. Pharaohs would speak on behalf of Horous, god of Egypt.