Brandon Lounnivongsa

St.Johns Antigua and Barmuda

Getting There

I will be leaving Denver,CO at 3:43 pm and then i will arrive at Clevenland,OH at 8:37 pm and then get on the plane again to get to New York,Newark at 7:22 am and then again i will get on that plane again to get to St. Johns Antigua and Bermuda which I will be arriving there at 1:10 pm.

Where to Stay

I will be staying at The Inn at the English Harbor, I will be staying there for six days and from April 20th to April 26.

History and Culture

By the middle of the 18th century the island was panted with more than 150 sugar cane processing windmills and today almost 100 of these sugar plantations are now as houses, bars, restaurants, amid shops. At Bettys Hope, Codrington's original sugar plantation, visitors can still see the fully-restored sugar mill.


The activities I will be doing will be going to Fort James and Beach Horseback Ride from St. Johns, and I will also be going to Betty"s Hope, Shirley Heights, Rendezvous Bay, Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, Fort Berkley, Pigeon Point Beach, Valley Church Beach.


One problem I would have would be that the Antiguans probably don't speak English and I would need get a personal translator to translate what the people of St. Johns Antigua so I can understand what they are saying like when I go do an activity.


I am so excited to go to St. johns Antigua and Barmuda to go see the beautiful scenery and go learn about the culture and traditions they use and do and go do the fun and exciting activities they have in store waiting for me and for the other visitors.

About the Traveler

I am Brandon Lounnivongsa and I am going to St. Johns Antigua and Barmuda I always wanted to go there because I love the Caribbean a lot and I cant wait to go.