EAT Semester Exam

Less is Smore

Create a Smore for Your Semester Exam!

Design a flyer in Smore by creating an account at Be sure to record your username and password. Once your account is created, follow the directions below to show what you have accomplished in Education and Training this semester.

4. Link Up Your Portfolio

Find the " Title" box on your flyer. In the title box type your name and the word, portfolio. Example: Charlie Brown's Portfolio. Then embed the link to your portfolio in the proper spot. You do not have to have your portfolio completed to do this step. The live link will reflect any changes made in the future. Be sure to click "done" when this step is complete.

5. One Last Step

Embed your Smore into your Blog. Title for the blog post should be "Semester Exam". Once you have saved and updated your flyer (see top right in edit mode), you will select "embed" from the "Quick Sharing Tools" on the top right of your screen. Be sure to "publish" your post and view your blog. Be sure the Smore is embedded, not linked. There is a difference.