The Green Sea Turtle

Maddison 3A

The green sea turtle is an Australian native reptile.

The green sea turtle is an Australian native reptile. It’s scientific name is Chelonia Myadas meaning tortoise in Greek. The Green Sea Turtle has dry green skin, scales and a hard shell. It swims with it’s front flippers and steers with the back ones. The Green Sea Turtle weighs 25 grams when they are hatchling and 60-150 kilograms when they are adults. Their size is 5 centermetres when they are a hatchlings and 90-125 when they are adults. Green Sea Turtles spend most of their lives under water except when they come up for air.

Green Sea Turtles live in the sea in the Northern tropical waters all around Australia. They also live in captivity in salt water.

The Green Sea Turtle needs to live in the ocean so they can have what they need. These needs are alge, seagrass, sea water (to drink), jellyfish and the fruits of low hanging mangrove trees.

The Green Sea Turtles lays 60-150 eggs with white jelly around them. The hatchlings take 7 weeks to hatch and once they have hatched they feed on the yolk inside their body for the first few weeks. The hatchlings shells grow harder as they grow older. The adults have a 45 minute dig to create nest.

Green Sea Turtles have many threats such as plastic bags, plastic rappers, bandicoots, dingos, nets, large sharks, crabs, gulls, foxes, dogs and pigs.

Green Sea Turtles have been on earth for 150 million years scince the dinosaurs were around and can live to 100 years.

If humans would stop setting out nets and polluting the green sea turtle won’t become exstinct.