Food Choices

By: Tori Gray

Physical Needs

Some foods that can help with your needs for survival, hunger, energy level, health status are fruits like strawberry's, berries, bananas etc. Veggies can help too, some veggies are green beans, potato's, corn, carrots.

Psycological Needs

Normally when I'm bored I eat cereal, fruit snacks, ice cream, but when I'm sad I only eat ice cream! When I'm in a good mood I will eat anything I see!!!!!!

Personal Foods

my favorite food is crab, sushi, pasta, shrimp, and a lot of other foods! I love the smell of chicken but only the kind my mom makes.

Food Availability

When its pomegranate season me and my mom we always get pomegranates because they're my second favorite fruit and my moms too.

Social Settings

Social settings determine what foods you eat when your with friends are you are going out to eat, if you are at a restaurant and one of your friends is eating something that looks good, you are more likely to get that because your friends are.

Socieity & Culture

When you have culture your foods are limited, some cultures cant eat certain food groups, society also determines what you want to eat, commercials use a techiniques to make you want to buy the food.