Passport to The World

Kenzie Eklund: Hour 6

Mexico & Canada

Destination 1: Mexico

Mexico is a very interesting place to visit. If I were able to visit Mexico I would love try the sopapillas. I have a very sweet tooth and the sopapillas that are made and served in the United States are very good so I want to see how the one actually made in Mexico differ. Im not a huge fan of mexican food, but I do enjoy spicy things and even just plain chips and queso. I would love to visit the beaches located in Mexico because of the clear water and the beautiful resorts. I would like to attend one of the many festivals that are held in Mexico. These intrigue me with the different clothing and makeup they do and the foods they serve.

Destination 2: Canada

Canada is very naturally beautiful. The land can range from mountains to lakes and plains making it nice for hikes, kayaking, and even swimming in the warmer parts on a good day. Canada has a lot of big great cities making it fun to walk around and sight see and visit some of the local restaurants or markets. One thing I would enjoy about visiting Canada would how cost efficient the trip would be. Noting all of the amazing scenery I can see while there, going to Canada would be a steal. Another thing I would be sure not to miss is the number of Canadian festivals and parties that take place. These parties are always upbeat and fun. Not something you want to pass up. Lastly Canadian foods like garlic fingers or butter tarts really appeal to me as they are sweet and salty.

South America

Destination 3: Brazil

After the 2014 was hosted in Brazil it has made me want to visit. One reason why I would want to visit Brazil is the Brazilian beaches. Brazil is home to many islands some being home to rare vegetation and beautiful scenery. Another reason I would want to visit Brazil is the rage of different cultures that live there. America is known as the melting pot of the world because of the many different religion that call the US home so I think it would be neat to travels somewhere else and take a dip in another melting pot of cultures. Something I find interesting about Brazil is that because a lot of the population is actually immigrants most of the recipes are brought over from different places and changed to make it Brazil's own. I think it would be cool to see the changes Brazil has made to recipes and ones that have stuck around for quite a while.

Destination 4: Peru

The number one reason I want to visit Peru would be to visit the infamous ruins of Machu Picchu built by the ancient Incans. Although the hike to the top make take an exuberant amount of effort the sight seeing in Peru is phenomenal. Although the remarkably different Peru cuisine doesn't appeal to me specifically it appeals to many different people because its wide variety of foods like seafood, alpaca steak, and a variety of leaf wrapped snacks. One more reason I would love to take a hike through Peru is its wide range of different geographic regions. Peru contains geological features like the desert ranging to the chilly mountain tops and back to the Peruvian amazon.

Destination 5: Ecuador

Ecuador makes visiting very simple. First off if your travelling from the US like I would be there is no currency change. Ecuador used the US dollar taking away the hassle of having to convert your money. Not only is there no currency change the flights are as long as people think. From Florida to Ecuador the flight is only 4 hours. Not to mention the weather is always perfect. Because Ecuador sits near the equator the temperature is always around 66 degrees. With the abundant amount of coastline Ecuadors beaches are sublime. Not only is there beaches but mountains and volcanos too. I think it would be really cool to visit an active volcano. Lastly Ecuadors cuisine is very diverse. It includes things ranging from cheesy potatoes to guinea pig. Although I most definitely wouldn't venture out as far as eating guinea pig I wouldn't mind trying some Ecuadorian cheesy potatoes.

Western Europe

Destination 6: France

I would love to stay in a quiet village in France. Although they are up to date with their technology, their architecture still contains beautiful flashbacks from the past. They are quiet, peaceful and hold a lovely view. Another reason to visit France is obvious. Their food! They are full of different kinds of cheese, wine, sauces, bread and more. I love all things bread so fresh baked French bread is a dream of mine. From a more creative aspect France is home to many beautiful pieces of art. It has ancient pieces and more modern masterpieces to suffice many peoples needs. As for myself i personally like the older work because it allows me to get an idea of how life was back then and gives me an insight on how people were feeling through their work. It would also be cool to visit the number of castles scattered throughout France. The infamous Palace of Versailles would defiantly make the tour.

Destination 7: United Kingdom

Even though I don't like going to school in the US that much I think it would be really cool to go see Cambridge University as it is the second oldest university in the english-speaking language. Another cool thing about the UK is their Eden Project. I really believe in helping the environment and by starting the Eden Project the UK has shown that to is something they care about. The United Kingdom has a wide variety of landscapes making sure you can see a lot while visiting there. Not to mention the UK has a a great historical background of people like the Romans and the Vikings leaving different historical sights all over. Lastly the UKs food is very unique. There is always a lot of potatoes used and I really like french fries so I think I would be okay.

Destination 8: Spain

Personally I actually know someone who studied abroad in Spain. Talking to them only makes me want to visit even more. I have heard that the Mediterranean coast is paradise, and who wants to pass up paradise. With 300 days of sun a year that seems a lot better than the bipolar weather that often times we have in the good ole MO. They are also home to the oldest restaurant in the world that is still running all the way back from 1725. One place I would be sure not to miss are the Egyptian temples, gifts from Egypt. It would also be cool to unleash the crazy side of me because some of the parties and festivals that take place in Spain can get a little wild like running with the bulls.

Mediterranean Group

Destination 9: Italy

First of all who WOULD'NT want to go to Italy? 2 summers ago my older sister had the chance to go to Italy with one of her friends and I promise, I have never been more jealous in my whole existence. There is so many beautiful places to go and a variety of amazing old ruins. Stuff you could never see from Missouri. Don't let me forget about the food either. Italian food is my all time favorite food ever. Even though it probably tastes a lot different in actual Italy I bet it still tastes amazing. One place you could guarantee that I would be there is the colosseum. To finally be able to touch something that I learned about in history class would be so cool. Italy is so naturally beautiful, the towns and cities and little villages scattered throughout are so picturesque you can take a picture with a phone and basically your a professional photographer.

Destination 10: Greece

Because I am not a big fan of meat Greece would be a good place to go with their abundance o fresh fruits, veggies and grains. They also have some amazing coffee and thats right up my ally. Greece also always has a lively night life. They are always celebrating something wether its a holiday or just life in general. The weather in Greece is always amazing which would be refreshing after living in the midwest. Its never to hot nor to cold making the beaches in Greece sublime. While I am there I would most definitely want to visit Santorini for the beautiful view and Athens for the rich history.

Destination 11: Egypt

Unlike some individuals that I am not going to name, everyone in Egypt is very friendly and humble. Egyptians pride themselves on their generosity and respect towards others. Because everyone is so friendly it makes being a tourist really easy. If you're lost or need something explained about the history the locals wont hate you. One place you cant miss when your in Egypt is obviously the massive pyramids. To think about people building these by hand makes me feel very weak while I complain about how heavy my backpack is. Although the food in Egypt can come off a bit strange, you cant judge anything until you've tried. Sometimes you just have to branch out and dive into some new things.


Destination 12: Philippines

I know I don't have the best singing voice, but we can look past that in the Philippines because the national hobby is karaoke! Besides the fact that there are super nice people and lots of singing the Philippines is also home to the Tarsier! One of the cutest (in my opinion) animals in the world! You can come face to face with the cutie in a sanctuary on the island of Bohol. If you haven't noticed from my other travel spots I LOVE the beach. So of course I try and make it to the beach on every trip. On this one in particular you can found me laying out (with lots of sunscreen cause I am a red head) on the beach located on Malapascua Island. Because of the combination of sweet, sour and salty flavoring in most filipino foods I may be a little cautious during meal time.

Destination 13: Sri Lanka

The wildlife in Sri Lanka is nothing like what you would see in KC. Sri Lanka has the highest concentration of leopards and has more than 5,000 wild elephants roaming about. While the animals are walking on the ground you can find me below their feet in the numerous amounts of historical caves. Even though Sri Lanka isn't as technologically advanced as the Untied States it would be good to get of the technology and spend time outside. There are massive rocks and peaceful beaches, walks through the rain forests, festivals day and night and the food is mostly spicy which I like. For instance the rice and curry really sticks out to me.


Destination 14: Congo

Recently the Congo is a place most tourist seem to shy away from because of the outbreaks of Ebola. But that wont stop me. The Congo is rich with history and a luscious green terrain. The wildlife you can find in the Congo is phenomenal including Gorillas, Chimpanzees, and lots of different birds and fish. The Congo also played a part in WW2 (what we are currently learning about in world history). During the Manhattan Project (the top secret project regarding the assembling an use of the atomic bombs) the uranium used what out of a mine in the Congo. Because of the cultural diversity, the food can range from Indian to Lebanese. And the locals eat mayo with EVERYTHING.

Destination 15: Morocco

Despite being horrible at golf and missing the ball at least 4 out of the 5 times I try and hit, golf has become a very popular hobby in Morocco because of the exotic views and the amazing weather. Not to mention the hotels are beyond luxurious. Morocco is full of tourist attractions like the Koutoubia Mosque. These attractions are rich with culture so when you visit not only are you able to see all these beautiful places but you can get a mini history lesson too. The food in Morocco correlates to its culture including a blend of all different types of people.

Comparison to the USA

The US compared to all these different places can be seen as somewhat the same or completely different. Like others the US is a mixing pot of different cultures. Many people immigrate the the US to live a better life. The US is very advanced technology wise and is always coming up with new inventions. This can be different from other countries because some places still struggle to get the 3 basic needs of life. In the long run I wouldn't want to live anywhere else other than the US. Yeah traveling is fun but its just traveling and you always need a home base to come back to.