North vs. South

A day in the life

North (not finished mrs. furnish, done by twelve)

-mostly men

-double the population of the South

-more Northerners were part of the Whig/ Republican party

-eventually all men were called to war

-industry flourished

-railroad construction flourished and so did canals

-people were more educated than in the South but still not that many were

-negros were treated much better

-they were not in the bondage of slavery anymore

-they could be free here

- in 1860 1/4 of all northerners lived in rural cities

-7/8 of immigrants settled in the North rather than the South

-still laws preventing blacks from having the same rights as whites

-little to no plantations

-middle class people lived better lives than the middle class of Europe they ate, clothed and housed better

-middle class also had more material possessions than those people of Europe

-kids were expected to do better than in the South

-lived on farmsteads more than plantation

-politics were much more involved

-women are guardians of "domestic virtues"

-women were thought to be superior were those who could teach their children religious and moral structure, also those who were moral and benevolent themselves

-agriculture was still important but much less so

-runaway slaves that were caught were normally found and sent back to the South, with punishment

-wealthy were normally the owners of factories or companies or those who had inherited money from previously wealthy family members


Family Tree

Rochester, New York

Mom- Suzanne (42)- Suzanne is a well balanced woman who home schools her children. Not only does she have school at her house but she also teaches her children the morale and religious teachings. She likes to tend to chores around the house and keep everything in order. She stayed at home and ran errands.

Dad- Jon (46)- Jon is a strong-weel built carpenter who helps make houses for a living. He works well with wood and has taught Bob his knowledge of the craft. Bill is his youngest son who he is also just now teaching his skilled work in carpentry. He liked to work on his small farmstead and would tend to his few horses when he was bored.

Older Son- Bob(22) Bob the eldest son, is the one who will inherit the money if Jon is to pass away. He has already established his career, following in his fathers footsteps, as a carpenter in the same business as his father as well. He is currently dating and and they plan to get married soon.

Son- Bill-(13) He is a bright young boy who is just now attending a private school in Orchester, New York, he likes science and studies it a lot in his free time. He is well-driven and plans to be an engineer for a railroad company when he is grown.

Daughter-Ann-(16) She is a loving girl who likes helping her mother in the house by cleaning and sometimes cooking. She has become almost like a second mother as Suzanne is teaching her the basics of good house keeping. she goes to school but is almost finished and plans to marry a wealthy boy (dream big) and have a large family. She is charismatic.

Dog- haha just kidding


-simple southern lives

-plantation life was popular and well-known in the South

-wealthy people normally lived on plantations

-poor people were treated like trash and had many derogatory names linked with their background

-Southerners depended on cotton as their main export

-the wealthy showed their wealth in slave numbers and plantation size, they also normally had a large house to match that

-depended on slaves to pick cotton and other cash crops including tabaco, sugar and rice

-no industries

- the women were meant to make children and be good wives and take care of the household while the man was gone

-little impact from businesses anda factorys

-most middle class lived on small isolated farms

- white men were suppose to "defend their women and their honor as people, would battle in "duels" against other men

-circled around agricultural economy

-most people owned no slaves

-economy depended on cotton gin and interchangeable parts (created by Eli Whitney)

Family Tree

Mom- Barabra (33) She is a woman of little education she works with the slaves and gives them chores to do throughout the day. She works around the house most of the time.

Dad-Billy (44) Billy is a cattle herder who has always grown up loving horses. He spends his time figuring out who wil buy the cattle and how much they will cost.

Son-John (18) John has just finished his schooling and now plans to attend the army. He has a girlfriend and spends most of his free time with her or with his family.

Daughter- Goldie(12) Goldie is a smart young girl who likes to read in white. She learned how to read and write from public school and she tries to teach her mom sometimes. In her spare time she plays with her dolls and loves going to church.

Son- Jonathan(6) He did not to much except whine and cry about helping his mother with chores and running errands for her. He liked to go down to the town square and play with his friends.