Educational aspects of mobile


Educational aspects of mobile learning

The content of the orders was received very positively. Based on the user tests the interface was enhanced and re-tested. Teachers were also very positive: This is something different from the traditional questionnaire with pen and paper. The combination of demand and a api recharge provider story line they found a good way to keep kids focused. For implementation in education, it is important to look closely at each school to the connection with the subject matter, because the curriculum of primary schools differ. Children can play the game at this time at the visitor center in Eernewoude (Friesland) in the National Park De Aide Eaten.
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The development of a Frisian version is planned, and for work on new content focused on culture. In mid-2008 will also be working on technology developed for competition and collaboration to make. TimeLab 2100 for school groups who visit the campus of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The game lets students are introduced in a playful way with the environment of MIT and a number of disciplines that are given at MIT. Some schools play the game as part of their curriculum, but TimeLab can also be played as a single extracurricular activity. The object of the game is climate change and its effects on the surrounding area.
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Pupils are given at the start mobile recharge offers of the game the following information: The year is 2100 and the TimeLab needs your help. Climate change has Cambridge, Massachusetts (where the game is played), and the rest of the world hit hard. TimeLab researchers api recharge provider have found that a number of laws in 2008, introduced after an election, the course of history may have determined. Your goal is to investigate the effects of these various laws and a new election to change the law from 2008. Then the students set off. As they walk around outside, using GPS to follow their route on a digital card game.
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Game locations are shown as icons on the map. When they reach a location game, giving PDAs information on any of api recharge provider the 17 possible laws that can change the players, who have something to do with mobile recharge offers the place where they are. This information, students include text and images, from a narrative perspective of a virtual character. For example, it discusses the impact of transport on the location of a bus stop, alternatives for renewable energy in an electricity pole, or the future scenario of the overflowing of the river where you walk mobile recharge offers along and the extinction of waterfowl by climate change.
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When the players return from the outside route they argue every five laws they would like to change. They do this in short pitches for their classmates. When everyone has spoken, the group states in a joint debate which api recharge provider laws are nominated there. Then, the students stick ieder3 memos on the laws that they consider most important. A die is then played a game of chance where the score decides whether the law is due to an election. The reality is his best model.