Trip Investigation

Kali's and Brian's Honeymoon

Flight Information

Kali and Brian will be leaving Austin, TX at 7:45 am. They will arrive at Atlanta, GA at 10:59 am and have a layover of 1 hr and 21 minutes. Kali and Brian will leave at 12:20 pm and arrive at Nassau, Bahamas at 12:27 pm. This flight costs $668.40. For the flight back they will leave Nassau at 3:05 pm. Then they will land at Atlanta, GA at 5:20 pm. The layover will be 1 hr and 45 minutes. They will then leave Atlanta at 7:05 pm and land at Austin at 8:37 pm. This flight will cost $668.40, for a total of $1336.80. The total time for the trips there and back is 12 hours and 14 minutes. There is a picture that explains all of that information if they have any questions.

Have the time of your life at Atlantis: Day 1

When leaving the airport Kali and Brian will take a taxi to the Atlantis in Paradise Island. That will cost them $32.00. Once they get to Atlantis they can go and walk around to get familiar with their surroundings. We found this amazing deal at The cost to stay at the resort for one night is $99 with the fourth night free! The cost for all nights is $495. For food they will eat lunch on the plane and for dinner they will go eat at Cafe Martinique. After dinner they can go relax in the hotel room. Some days we will pick the restaurants for them but other days they will be on a meal plan which cost $260.00 for the both of them per day. A meal plan is when you pay a certain amount of money a day, per person, then they can go to any restaurant that is on the meal plan for that meal and it doesn't cost anything. That will be what is happing most of the days you are staying at the resort.

Enjoy the waterpark of atlantis: day 2

Day 3: For their third day on their honeymoon, Kali and Brain will go to visit a place on the resort that is free to the guest that is called Marine Habitat. But first they will go eat at some restaurant from the meal plan for breakfast. Then they will go tour the Marine Habitat. After the Marine Habitat they will go eat lunch from some place off the meal plan that is avalible for lunch. Next, after lunch, they will go buy a private beach pass for 60 dollars per person. So $120.00 for both of them. When they are done with the beach they can choose a restaurant to go to for dinner.

Swim with the dolphins: day 4

To start off the day Kali and Brian will go and grab a bite to eat at one of the places on the meal plan on the breakfast menu. Then they will go relax at the hotel until lunch. For lunch they will eat at any restaurant on the lunch menu. Then Kali and Brian will go swim with the dolphins. After that they will eat a lovely dinner at any available dinner meal plan.

Pairasailing: Day 5

To start out this wonderful day Kali and Brain will decide which restaurant to go to off the meal plan for breakfast. After they eat their breakfast they will either walk half a mile to Paradise Beach or take a taxi with the extra money they have left over from the $5000 they have. Once they are at Paradise Beach they can go parasailing for eighty four dollars each. They can also relax or take a swim. For lunch they can walk back to the resort or take a cab for lunch. At lunch they will pick any lunch of the meal plan. Once they are done with lunch they can either go back to the beach or just chillax at the resort. Whichever works best for them. Again for dinner they will pick off of the meal plan.

Snorkeling in the ruins of atlantis: day 6

Today Kali and Brian will Snorkel in the Ruins of Atlantis. But first they have to have the most important meal of the day. Breakfast! Like the other days they will choose any place to eat on the meal plan. Then they will go snorkeling at the ruins of Atlantis for $168 for both of them to do it. After the fun snorkeling they will go eat lunch from the meal plan. After that they will go to Mandara Spa for $100. Then they can go to Paradise Beach until dinner time. For dinner they can choose 1 of the restaurants o the meal plan.