Prestige Worldwide II

By: Drew Cox


  • Rick Ross because shoutout to all the pears
  • Paul Walker because hands down best actor of all time, R.I.P.
  • My homies because #squad

"I Love College" By: Asher Roth (4:11)

I can't wait for college and it will definitely be the best time of my life.
Asher Roth - I Love College

"Notorious Thugs" By: Notorious B.I.G (6:08)

Music I like to listen to when I'm with my friends, it sets off a good vibe.
The Notorious B.I.G fea. Bone Thugs N Harmony - Notorious Thugz (HQ + Lyrics) Produced by Stevie J

"Up All Night" By: Jon Pardi (3:34)

This song just puts me in a good mood, and I have always wanted to wonder how this type of relationship in this song would be like.
Jon Pardi - Up All Night

"Dap You Up" By: Speaker Knockerz (3:11)

Every squad has to have their theme song and this is by far ours.
Speaker Knockerz - Dap You Up | Shot by @LoudVisuals

"White Light" By: The Bootleggers (4:26)

The theme song from my favorite movie "Lawless."
The Bootleggers Feat Mark Lanegan- White Light/ White Heat

"We Rode In Trucks" By: Luke Bryan (4:26)

This song makes me realize how I blessed I am to live where I do, and also its makes me realize that I have something that most kids don't and I am very appreciate of my truck.
Luke Bryan - We Rode In Trucks

"All My Friends Say" By: Luke Bryan (4:07)

Everyone has one those nights were they don't remember the night before. (lol)
Luke Bryan - All My Friends Say

"Ain't Worth The Whiskey" By: Cole Swindell (3:32)

Country songs have a powerful meaning behind them and this is one of my favorite country songs, it just ultimately puts you in a good mood.
Cole Swindell - Ain't Worth The Whiskey (Official Music Video)

"Danger Zone" By: Kenny Loggins (3:30)

This song is hands down one of the greatest classics of all time and not to mention the song is the theme song for the movie "Top Gun" that just spells bada**
Top Gun Highway to the Dangerzone

"Movin' Bass" By: Rick Ross (4:23)

I love listening to Rick Ross, he is my favorite rapper of all time, and I love bumping to his music.
Rick Ross - Movin' Bass (Audio) (Explicit) ft. JAY Z

"Don't We" By: Travis Porter (3:30)

I love this song because it's a song I can jam out too, and not to mention Travis Porter is a boss.
Travis Porter - Don't We (Feat. Future) (Prod By Metro Boomin) [HD] (NO DJ)

"That's My Kind Of Night" By: Luke Bryan (3:51)

I like to picture me being apart of a country song because they make it seem kind of like a fantasy life but I'd definitely enjoy having that kind of life.
Luke Bryan - That's My Kind Of Night