Welcome to Correia Middle School

August 2023

A Message From Administration

Dear Returning and New Correia Families,

I am delighted to welcome you to Correia Middle School for the 2023-24 school year! Our Correia staff is looking forward to seeing your students in person and supporting their academic and social/emotional growth. At Correia Middle, we challenge each of our students to reach their full academic potential with our quality instructional program. We also strive to create a positive inclusive social atmosphere through relationship building and a variety of student body activities throughout the year. We also want to continue to build productive relationships with our parents and the community through constant communication pertaining to school and district news, information about school activities and programs, and celebrating the outstanding achievements of our students.

Our weekly SMORE newsletter is informative, relevant, and time-sensitive. Newsletters are sent to the parent email address recorded in PowerSchool. If the email on file is not your preferred email, parents can access PowerSchool by following this link: https://powerschool.sandi.net/public/ to update email information.

In addition, our website is another communication tool and is updated frequently. Check out the School News section for up-to-date communications. You will find answers to most questions on our website.

We are currently working on solidifying all schedules as enrollment fluctuates. In addition, we will be distributing more communications from departments as staff begins to return to campus.

If you are receiving this email by error or your student is not continuing in the Point Loma Cluster next year email Joyce McDonald @ jmcdonald1@sandi.net with your child's new school of attendance.

We look forward to an amazing 2023-2024 school year with you all!



Correia will begin Physical Education clothing sales on Tuesday, August 8th form 8:30-12:30 AM. Sales will continue Mon-Wed-Fri in the AM from 8:30 - 12:30 and Tues-Thur 12:30-3:00 PM. Clothing will also be available on Friday, August 18th from 8:00 - 2:00. Once school starts PE clothes will be sold before school, during lunch, and after school. Correia accepts cash (small bills please & exact change is preferred) or check. The clothing and cost of items are as follows:

  • Performance Wear Shirt $9

  • Performance Wear Short $9

  • Standard Wear Shirt or Short $8 (Limited Sizes)

  • P.E. Lock: $7 (Combination padlocks are the only locks allowed on the P.E. lockers

  • P.E. Sweatshirt: $18

  • P.E. Sweatpants: $18

You are under no obligation to purchase PE clothing from Correia Middle School. Instead, you may send your child prepared to participate in PE with the following:

  • PLAIN (no logos or print) grey or royal blue shorts

  • PLAIN (no logos or print) white or grey crew neck t-shirts

  • PLAIN (no logos or print) sweatpants (grey or royal blue)

7th Grade Bridging Day

Correia Staff is providing the opportunity for 7th graders to get acclimated to 7th grade life, connect/reconnect with staff and peers, become familiar with the Correia campus and activities, and expecially build the Correia PRIDE culture! While we know many families have other obligations, we wanted to provide the opportunity to connect. This event is not a replacement for Correia Orientation on Friday, August 18th. Please complete this google form regarding your child's availability for the event!

The Bridging Day will take place on Tuesday, August 15th from 9:00 - 12:00.

Click here for tentative agenda for the day!

Please fill out Google Form for attendance!


Student Orientation for students already in the Point Loma Cluster will take place Friday, August 18th from 8 am -10 am. This includes Dana students that are transitioning to Correia. Students will pick up their student packets including their schedules and purchase PE clothes and lock (optional). They will also be able to get information on programs we offer at Correia and take a self-guided tour to identify classroom locations.

Student orientation for new incoming seventh and eighth grade students to the PL Cluster will take place Friday, August 18th from 10:00-11:00 a.m. in the Correia Auditorium. Students and parents will receive general school information at this time and can then take a self-guided tour of the campus.

2023-2024 Bell Schedule

The 2022-2023 Rotating Bell Scedule was largely a success! The daily rotation provided equity to all students that was normally limited due to time. Students were able to access the teaching and learning of each class period at various times throughout the week. They were not limited to having one class period at a specific time during the day. In a five year study, student performance, and emotional acuity, declined in periods after lunch and later in the day. Data throughout the year produced an equity distribution of performance and counseling referrals in each period...positive results!

While data indicated positive results, the six-day rotation was difficult to manage in weekly rotations. In addition, since COVID, we have seen a widespread need for additional time to combat learning loss and to promote deeper learning.

For the 2023-2024, Correia will implement a rotating block schedule that will consistent on a weekly basis and provide additional learning time.

Click here for the link to the 2023-2024 Rotating Block Schedule


What is the SSC and SGT?

The School Site Council (SSC) is responsible for the following tasks; review school and student performance data, establish/review school goals, monitor implementation of the site plan for student achievement, develop/oversee the parent involvement policy and home school compact and annually approve and recommend the SPSA to the SDUSD Board of Education for approval (categorical budget and school goals).

The Site Governance Team (SGT) ensures shared decision-making occurs on instructional programs including; changes in the school’s subject emphasis, school-wide student discipline plan, site security plan, and multiple-site assignments for applicable programs.

Our SSC and SGT meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

We look for a two-year commitment for new members. This year we are in need of two additional members.

If you are interested in joining our Correia SSC/SGT please fill out the nomination form.


Please arrive on campus between 7:40 and 7:55 AM. Students may enter through the Correia main gate, the lower parking lot gate, or the Correia field gate located near Cleator Field. The first bell rings at 7:55 AM. School begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 2:45 PM. View our bell schedule.

Schedules will be distributed during our orientation on Friday, August 21st. Parents/Students who missed the event can download a student schedule through PowerSchool once SDUSD activates on August 21st. Our staff will distribute schedules and campus maps to students Monday morning at the main gate beginning at 7:40 AM.


Correia has two counselors on staff to assist students and parents. Jessica Moreno supports 7/8 grade students with last names A-L and can be reached at jmoreno1@sandi.net. Estella Acosta supports 7/8 grade students with last names M-Z and can be reached at eacosta1@sandi.net. Both counselors can also be reached by calling 619-560-4809 x3056 or 3057.

Our main office is open every day from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Due to a limited budget, we only have three full-time people in our front office, but they are here to help you. If your child must be absent from school, please call 619-560-4809 to report the absence.

If you would like to communicate with a staff member, please check our website for email addresses. Email is the most efficient method of communication. You may also call 619-560-4809.

PowerSchool Unavailable

Unfortunately, PowerSchool is unavailable and will not go live until schedules are complete. We anticipate PowerSchool going live on Friday, August 18th.

Many parents have reached out in need of a report card for fall sports. If you are in need of your student's report card, please email Mrs. McDonald at jmcdonald1@sandi.net or Mrs. Hernandez at hhernandez@sandi.net.


All Correia students will receive a Correia Middle School Student Planner, compliments of our FODAC Association! The planner is an important tool in promoting school success. Correia teachers will provide instruction and tips for planner use during the first few weeks of school. This year, our Correia Planner Pages will be posted electronically and reviewed by teachers. These pages will include... school rules, dress code, attendance policy, and other important policies.


Our website is our primary communication tool and is updated weekly. Check out the School News section for up-to-date communications. You will find answers to most questions on our website.

In addition, the Correia Staff works together to create a weekly SMORE newsletter that is informative, relevant, and time-sensitive. Newsletters are sent to the parent email address recorded in PowerSchool. Parents can access PowerSchool by following this link: https://powerschool.sandi.net/public/

ParentConnection accounts transfer from one school to another as your child matriculates. Parents who do not have an existing ParentConnection account can create one by following the “Create an Account” directions found on the link above. A job-aid is available as well. You will need the following information when creating an account:

  • Student Name: INSERT NAME

  • Access ID: INSERT ID

  • Access Password: INSERT PASSWORD

In an effort to be environmentally friendly, we rarely send home paper flyers. Please verify your email address is entered correctly.


All 7th graders need verification of immunizations for:

  • Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis - 1 dose

  • Varicella (Chickenpox) - 2 doses

If you have not submitted an up-to-date shot record at a previous school, please email the SDUSD program Nurse for Immunization, Adrienne Lenhoff at alenhoff@sandi.net, and please copy our nurse, Mrs. Soriano at psoriano@sandi.net.


Students who walk, bike, or skate to school must cross streets only at marked crosswalks and practice good safety habits. Bike racks are located inside the field gates and the Skateboard drop-off is located inside the main gate. Students are encouraged to secure their bikes with a bike lock. Skateboards must be labeled with a name for sign-in. Students who ride their bikes or skateboard must wear a helmet. Please discuss with your child the potential hazards associated with walking, biking, and skating to school from a traffic perspective.


Mark your calendar - Thursday, September 21st from 5:30-7:30 PM. Correia Administration will hold a Parent Meeting before Curriculum Night at 5:00 PM. The purpose of this event is for you to learn about the curriculum directly from your child's teachers. More detailed information will be posted on our website in September and sent home through our SMORE Newsletter.


If you are receiving this newsletter and your child will not be attending Correia, Joyce McDonald @ jmcdonald1@sandi.net with your child's new school of attendance.

Thank you!