Ribbon ID

Lexi Carrick


Tulle is a rougher, mesh like ribbon. It is used to put around vases as decorations
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Satin is a ribbon that is smooth on both sides. This is used to wrap bouquets
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Burlap is a rough material that is usual thick and is used for wreaths
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this ribbon is the most common type and is used for anything
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this ribbon is smooth and almost transparent. It is used for almost anything
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This ribbon is used for making bows, and feels rough. It has tiny ridges on it to texture the ribbon
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Curling ribbon

This is used for mums, corsages, garters, and making the puffy bows on vases. it is very thin, and when it is stuck with something sharp, it curls up
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this type of ribbon is like a soft, fuzzy ribbon and is only used for specialty and Christmas vases.


this type of ribbon is like acetate ribbon, but it has wires through both sides of it. We used this for mostly wreaths, but anything where we need the ribbon to stay stuck in place
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Ribbon Thickness

there are many different thicknesses including #1, #3, #5, #9, #40, and #100