Benefits and Drawbacks of IT

Benefits And Drawbacks of developing your IT System

Benefits of the Developing your I.T Department

The main benefit of developing your IT System is that with I.T, globaisation isn't that hard to do with a developed IT System in your buisness, and globalisation is what led Apple to become such a huge success over the years, and the main reason Apple could do that was because they still have one of the most developed IT Systems ever which is why they could globalise so easy and get so big so soon.

Another benefit of a more advanced IT System is so you can keep up with competitors, as if you don't keep up with your competitors then your company may end up steadily declining abd within a few years your company may go bust. Whereas if you develop your IT System and keep up with advancements in technology which will mean you are not falling behind with technology and falling behind everyone else so you're not on the verge of a steady decline.

Developing your IT System can also help out with security. As many of the newer more advance Systems provide much better and more efficient security which means your company will be more secure and not have to worry about your someone hacking into your System quite as often, as if you spend all your time worrying about your security as it isn't that great then you can end up falling behind on competitors and such and by this point no-one will need to hack your System as your the furthest bhind all of your competitors.

Drawbacks of Developing your I.T System

One main drawback of developing your I.T System is money. As developing your I.T System can cost a lot of money, for example one good, fast and smooth running workstation can start anywhere from £650, so to buy say 30 for a buisness, it can cost a rather large sum of money. For exampe if you get a 'cheap' workstation for about £500 and to buy one for say just 20 people then it is going to cost you £10,000 pounds, just for a few people to be able to get a buisness globalised, which in affect would make you back the money, but to basically invest £10,000 on 20 computers is a rather large amount of money to be invested in computer to not nessecarily make it back again, because globalisation doesn't always work out for some company's.

Which brings me on to my next point; sometimes globalisation, or outsourcing doesn't work out for company's and can often make make big buinsess' lose a lot of money and sometime go bust. As they have spent so much money trying to make more but they haven't made it back which means they have now no money to pay for things such as building costs and such like so they go bust because they have invested so much and got nothing back.