Nonfiction November

Celebrating "true facts" in the library all month long

Dear LS Staff,

I invite you to celebrate Nonfiction November with me! During November, I'd like to highlight some of the great nonfiction books we have to offer students, books that often get overlooked in favor of the latest graphic novel or story.

In order to introduce Nonfiction November to students, I'd like to spend some time with each class. Here's a potential schedule that I'd like to run by you:

Tuesday, October 31 -- Forest -- 15-20 minute intro at the start of Reading Block

Thursday, November 2 -- Mountain -- Start library time at 11:15 in the classroom?

Monday, November 6 -- River -- Start library time at 1pm in the classroom and go to 1:45pm?

Monday, November 6 -- Sky -- Start library time at 1:45pm in the classroom and go to 2:30pm? (This means that you could start with centers before library and end with a story after library. Is that too much of a change?)

River/Sky -- I'm flexible in adjusting our times (and even doing this next Monday, October 30, if you don't think Halloween madness will be an issue). I'm just looking for an extra 15 minutes to introduce the theme to students.

Please let me know if the suggested schedule changes work for your class!

Read on to learn more about what Nonfiction November entails...

Get the FACTS reading challenge

During my introduction of Nonfiction November to students, I will be inviting them to participate in this bingo-style nonfiction reading challenge. You can do it, too!
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Great Nonfiction Read-alouds!

A simple way you can participate in Nonfiction November is by peppering your read-aloud selections with some of the fabulous nonfiction picture books (or selections from longer books!) we have in the library.

For a list of some of the newest, go to the library catalog > Resource Lists > Nonfiction Read-alouds.

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More activities to come...

You can find many of the books on the list above on our window display once the spoooooky boooooks have vanished. ;)

Other activities I hope to offer:

  • Research Challenge of the Week: Using our North Carolina display, I'll ask students different questions about our state. The questions will be up on the small whiteboard on top of the bookshelves. There will be an answer box or jar.

  • Book Request Box: Students can write in what topics they think we need more nonfiction books about. This will probably be near the new book display.

  • Book Review Flipgrid: Students can record short video reviews of the nonfiction books that they read. They can do this at lunch recess, or we can arrange a small group time if you're interested in doing this with your language group.

I'm open to any other suggestions! I hope you'll join me in encouraging our students to explore their interests, learn new things, and read some great nonfiction in November!

Happy reading, Natalie