NANUQ NEWS: Weekly Parent Update

August 14th, 2022

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Volunteer Form

Please Fill out the Volunteer for found on the ASD website if you are planning on volunteering throughout the school year. It takes at least 2 weeks for the district to process the applications:

Form more information about volunteering with the district and requirements go to:

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Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year

I am so excited to start this new school year! As teachers and staff are returning to the building and I am meeting new families and students and seeing returning families and students, I am reminded how lucky I am to be a part of this amazing community.

This year's theme is Growing Greatness. We will be focusing on goal setting and building a growth mindset. (For more information about growth mindset go to:

We will also reinstate the use of a House System to help promote unity within our two programs (Neighborhood and Spanish Immersion) and to help excite students to earn points for their House for making good choices throughout the day. For more information regarding the concept of the House System go to: We will continue to use the 4 Houses: Alturismo, Isibindi, Rêveur, and Amistad. Find out which house your child belongs to at the back to school barbecue.

We have also been updating the Government Hill website ( There is a new tab on that page where all of the newsletters will be housed throughout the year. (So you won't have to search through emails to find information, or in the even that you deleted the email it will be there to reference). The website has a calendar of upcoming events at the bottom of the page and we have a Government Hill News section. Right now in this section you can find the school supply list, an ad for the back to school barbecue and a district volunteer form. On the about section of the website, you will find our rebranded motto

Lots of exciting things in the works for this school year. As always, as if you have any questions please feel free to contact me through email at, call me at 907-742-5045, or fill out this form

It's Grow Time!

Mrs. Santaella, Principal


Government Hill Elementary has a very active PTA. The first PTA General meeting will be September 13th at 4pm in the Library and on Zoom.

There will be a drawing for a lucky member to receive four Alaska Railroad tickets to Denali, valued at almost $1500 thank you to the Alaska Railroad.

*Must be a current member at the time of drawing

All PTA meetings provide food and childcare for those in attendance of the meeting. Please join us and be part of all that PTA does for Government Hill Elementary. You can sign up at

The Executive Board for the 2022-2023 School Year

President-Melissa Rodriguez

VP Membership- Kim Elliott

Treasurer- Jeannie Carey

Secretary- Ashley McCabe

Communications- Melanie Dowling

Questions, ideas, or interested in volunteering? Email

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Back To School Barbecue

Our Back to School Barbecue is scheduled for August 15th from 4 PM- 6 PM. It will be held on the big playground. If you are new to Government Hill please see the Map Below. If it is raining we will be meeting in the MPR for food and in the Gym for the Teacher Meet and Greet and other information tables. Classrooms will be locked, we are not doing a combined open house and back to school barbecue this year.

We will have hot dogs, chips, drinks and cookies will be provided by the Alaska Railroad, a free book give away, music and lots of fun. You will be able to see class lists on that day, meet your teacher and find out which House you belong to.

Our PTA will have a table, they will be selling school supply packs and signing up for membership. If you sign up prior to the first meeting you will be entered into a drawing for tickets from the AK Railroad.

If you have winter gear that you would like to donate please bring it to the back to school barbecue, we will start creating a closet for students that need gear throughout the year.

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School Supplies

Here is the list for the supplies for this coming school year. The gray box below is a link to the supply list.

PTA is selling pre-packaged supplies online at:

If you are having trouble finding or buying supplies, please contact me and we will problem solve to ensure your child has all that they need to be successful this school year. (This include winter gear).

Daily Schedule

8:30 AM supervision is provided on the little playground and the big playground .

this year 2nd through 6th graders will go through the Art/Health doors to the playground instead of walking around the outside of the building.

8:50 AM students go inside the building. Government Hill is a school selected for 100% free Breakfast and lunch. If you would like your child to eat breakfast at school please sure they are here by 8:50 AM. Due to safety concerns, we will continue with the procedure that students are dropped off at the playground or at the door.

9:00 is the tardy bell students must be in their class by 9:00 AM. Announcements are made at 9:00 AM.

Lunch/Recess and Specials

The students have a 50 minute block for Lunch and Recess. 25 min recess, 25 min Lunch (with 4 total minutes for passing within the 50 min block).

Garcia, Eden Elliott, Vargas, Breuinger, Arce-Ramos, Herbst have recess at 11:00-11:25 and lunch at 11:25-11:5

Hernandez, Dau, Liranzo, Price, Dobbins have recess at 11:25-11:50 and lunch at 11:50-12:15

Gallo, Salazar, K. Elliott, Cheney have recess at 11:50-12:15 and lunch 12:15-12:40.

Nelson, Diaz, Rosales, Romo, Eric Elliott have recess at 12:15-12:40 and lunch at 12:40-1:05

  • 60 minutes of Art/Health (we alternate two weeks Art, two weeks Health). It is typically set up as a 1 hour block of time.
  • 30 minutes of Library
  • 90 minutes of PE. It is typically set up as two-45 minute blocks of time, but we have a class that is scheduled for 3-30 minute blocks.
  • 60 minutes of music. It is typically set up as 2-30 minute blocks of time for K-2; and 1-60 minute block of time for 3-6.

Kindergarten students will be dismissed at 3:20 through their classrooms. 1st graders will be dismissed at 3:20 and will wait in the area by the little playground, with their teachers.

At 3:30, 2nd though 6th grade will be dismissed. Teachers will walk their students outside and then report to their duty stations on their designated days. All students will be in the front of the school from 3:30-3:45. 2nd and 3rd graders will wait by the 2nd grade classrooms. 4th through 6th will wait by the Art/Health doors. Siblings will wait in the front of the school.

At 3:45 all remaining students will come back into the building and parents will have to sign them out. If you are signing out your child you will need a phone that can read QR codes and some form of identification.

Parking Lot

Here is a link to a video from a few years prior that shows parking lot safety. (The comments about wearing masks in the parking lot needs to be updated. Masks are not required at this time. Also, if you watch the video at the end it says I can't wait to see you on Tuesday, that should be updated to Thursday.

Kindergarten Academy and Interviews

At the back to school barbecue you will be able to sign up for your child's developmental profile interview. This is a time where teacher's get to know you and your child, you can share important information about your child and the teacher can begin to assessments.

There will also be a Kindergarten Academy on August 23rd where students can attend a 2 hour session to get a sneak peak of the classroom, routines and recess prior to the official start on August 25th.


We are going to run open house a little differently this year. Each grade level will have their own OPEN HOUSE event. (For parents with multiple children, I understand that this might be a bit challenging, however as a parent of three children close in age I remember feeling pulled in multiple directions and mixing up information; I am hoping that this format will help your family feel less stress. It will be a shorter event where you can focus on the one child. An idea might be to make that child's night. Come to the OPEN HOUSE and then have them pick what is for dinner. I will definitely want to hear feedback after the event to hear how you all feel this format works or how it can be made event better).

All Open House events will start at 5:00 PM. There will be a presentation in the Library by the designated Grade Level Team and then there will be time to visit the classrooms.

Kindergarten will be the first OPEN HOUSE on August 24th. You might want to bring the larger school supplies (snacks, disinfecting wipes, etc) on this day and leave them in the classroom, so your child can bring just their back pack the following morning.

Grade level and Date of OPEN HOUSE:

6th grade August 25th

5th grade August 26th

4th grade August 29th

3rd grade August 30th

2nd grade August 31st

1st grade September 1st


2022-23 School Year COVID Testing

ASD does not plan to offer any form of COVID testing in schools for SY2022-23 and testing is no longer a requirement. If a student or staff are ill and choose to test for COVID and are positive, they will need to follow current CDC guidelines for isolation. Those guidelines can be found HERE.

Enforcing State Immunization Requirements
ASD will be enforcing the state requirement for SY2022/23 of "No Shots, No School. For more information visit:

Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15th)

I would like to start a new tradition this school year. I want to have an opening celebration on September 15th in the MPR from 5:00-7:00.

I would like for all of our families of Hispanic Heritage to "host a table" and share information about their heritage/culture (you can share a recipe with samples, share a song or dance, share your family journey to the US/Alaska, you can share historical information, share information about your favorite artist or author, the possibilities are endless. I would love for it to be in Spanish. If you are not of Hispanic Heritage and speak English, never fear, you can still participate. I would love for an English-Speaking Family and a Spanish Speaking Family to collaborate to host the table together. We can even possibly have multiple families with the same heritage join together to host one table.

I am also excited to announce that I have Indra Arriaga, Anchorage artist, coming to show her Film, Sabor Ártico, in the library that evening. We will have two presentations on the hour, since the film is 20 minutes long.

If you are interested in participating please fill out the google form:



The next planning meeting will be August 26th at 5:00 PM.

6th Grade Leadership Academy

Our first Leadership Academy Workshop is in the books. We had 5 students participate. We had lots of fun. I will offer more sessions coming up after the start of the school year.

I will most likely have an AM and a PM session on August 27th and an AM and PM and the same on Sept 3rd. I will have more details and a sign up sheet on the next newsletter.

Student Accident & Sickness Coverage

This is a reminder that Anchorage School District does not provide medical coverage for student injuries. However, ASD has made available an option for families to purchase a low-cost student accident insurance program. Information is available at your school's front office, online at, or by calling 800-827-4695. Bilingual services are available.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns please email me at: or call me at 907-742-5045. I am also on messenger on Facebook.
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