My Wedding Project

By Emma Calkins

The Groom

My fiancé is Zac Effron.


Wedding Day

Saturday, May 28th, 4pm

The Bell Tower on 34th

The reception will be held at the same place as the ceremony, The Bell Tower on 34th.

Our wedding will be a modern wedding style, our theme colors will be black and gold.

We will have a full meal to eat and cake of course. The meal will consist of salad and bread for starts. Then we will be having steak and a few sides to go with as the main course, we will also be having cookies for the grooms desert, and cake as well. In a week we will be leaving on our honeymoon to Hawaii!

Flower Details

The Center Pieces- They will be vase arrangements with red roses, leather leaf, and baby breath as the filler. Then around the vase will be a black silk bow.

Brides Bouquet- Will look like the picture above just with red roses instead and also instead of silver crystals they'll be black. Then like in the picture the ribbon wrapping down will be gold.

Bridesmaid's Bouquets- They will also look like the picture above just with red and white gerber daises and will have black ribbon wrapping down the bottom with gold gems instead of purple ones.

Boutonnieres- Grooms: his will look like the one above. A white rose, baby breath, and lemon leaf with gold ribbon wrapping down like in the picture.

Groomsmen: will look like the one above also. With a red rose, baby breath, lemon leaf and black wrapping instead of the red.

Ushers: will have just a red rose and lemon leaf with black wrapping as well.

Fathers/Grandfathers: will have a white rose and lemon leaf with black wrapping also.

Corsages- Mother/Grandmother: will both have white roses and lemon leaf, with gold wrapping.

Ceremony/Reception Decorations

Ceremony- Will be more formal and elegant. Our wedding style is modern and theme colors of black and gold will be shown through ribbons, wrapping invitations, flowers, and other decor.

Reception- The themes will be more intense and shown. It'll be decorated with black and gold things as well. We will have a photo booth and candy bar for extra fun.