The Civil War

By: Maddie Loggins & Lexi Gorsh

Union And Confederate Armies

Both the Union and Confederate armies didn't think the war would last very long. The North wanted to free the slaves and to keep the Union together, but the South wanted slaves and wanted to break the Union. If they didn't have enough soldiers they had to do a draft, witch is where the army picks random people out of a big container, and the people that are chosen fought for that army. Both armies needed a leader, the South ended up getting Robert E. Lee, the North ended with U.S. Grant.

Emancipation Proclamation- An order by Lincoln saying slaves in states that were fighting against the Union were freed.

The Bloody Battle of Gettysburg

For two years the South had nearly won every battle, but after the battle Gettysburg it was a turning for both sides. Lee believed that a victory in the North would cause the Union to surrender. Lee decided to send 15,000 troops on a charge to the heart of the Union troops, which is known as Pickets Charge. But Lee was wrong; he lost a lot of his army.

Military Tactics and Technology

During the Civil War head on fighting was their strategy. To avoid getting shot soldiers found high ground like mountains and hills. Another strategy was hiding in ditches and trenches. In the Civil War soldiers had rifles instead of muskets, the rifles were more accurate. All these reasons made this the bloodiest battle in history.

Medical Care

Medical treatment during the Civil War was very poor. Because the treatment was so bad 200,000 people died of injury and 400,000 people died from infection related from injury. Doctors during the Civil War worked on heavy doors off their hinges and other flat surfaces. The medical environment was very dirty so it was more likely for people to get even more sick. Civil War medical was way different and way more dirty than it is today, today's medical is very sterile aka clean.

Conditions On The Homefront

One thing both sides had in common was women while men went off to fight in the war. In the North the draft caused anger because the rich people could pay their way out of the war but the poor could not. In the South Union troops were taking over land and homes and farms were being destroyed. The South also had other problems, after each battle there was less and less food and water, and major theft occurring. The North also had problems, riots began in New York.