Daisy Martinez


Do you ever wonder which clothes should i wear today? How can i look fashionable and be dressed appropriately? These are all important questions that teens ask themselves everyday. The answer depends on the activities planned for the day.

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For a lazy day its just like a whatever day. When its winter you could just wear some sweat pants which are warm-ups and with a long sleeve shirt or any shirt to be around the house. The best place to shop at is like at Hollister, it is located at the mall.

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For example if your going to a special occasion like when your not laying around the house or going to a party. In other words, school, movies, shopping, etc. You could look at Aeropostale, American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch and all those other stores that are located at the mall is where you can get alot of beautiful clothes.

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In other words, the best shopping place where i like to shop at is at the Mall. In my opinion. That's my favorite place to shop for my clothes at. Especially because it has different kinds of stores. It also has Shoe Stores, very cute shoes you can find.