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October 9, 2015

Folk Tales and Lessons Learned

How Chipmunk Got His Stripes began our investigation into folk tales. We brainstormed what we knew about these types of stories and then began to read a few. These structures were found in all of our tales: a story with a lesson, animals, things in nature or people as characters, passed down from generation to generation, explain something, fiction tales, found in non-fiction. Once we read and analyzed our stories the campers partnered up in writer's workshop to write their own. We worked through how to start this type of story, how to use patterns like the stories we read, and how to include both partner's ideas. Such great work on this writing project! Some of our partners have completed this task and recorded them on SeeSaw.

We worked with Mrs. Patterson this week as well to highlight patterns in stories. We looked at the magic three, repeating patterns, rhyming, and cause and effect. The campers worked in partners to determine what patterns occurred in each story and shared with the class. Once they recognized the patterns, they began to think of other stories they also felt used these patterns. Lastly, they tried to use these same patterns in their writing project. Many folk tales use these patterns and the campers worked hard to use them in their writing!

Look for these after break!

Check out your camper's SeeSaw portfolio! We have new items added!

All About Math

Fact Fluency and Accuracy

We finished up number stories this week using a comparison structure. When looking for the difference between quantities, this structure helps see what is know so the solution can be found. In a comparison number story, subtraction is usually the operation needed. We also spent time working on two strategies or algorithms for addition with multiple digit numbers. We worked with partial sums and the traditional method. The campers spent a good deal of time working through the steps for each method and seeing which feels the most natural to them. Some campers are solidly using one particular strategy and others are comfortable trying out both. The goal is to be accurate, fluent, and confident with the method. Lots of great perseverance and math talk took place at Camp Can Do! So proud of the campers! You may be asked to make up some problems for your camper to solve!

Everyday Math website for great practice in fact fluency and math skills. Usernames and passwords are inside your camper's binder.

Congratulations Corner

Lots to celebrate this week!

*Cougar Crew Member: Brady is our flexibility expert! Congratulations!

*Big thanks to all of the parents I had an opportunity to speak with on Tuesday! Thanks so much for taking the time to visit with me about your campers! Thanks to all for the opportunity to spend time talking about your great campers!