Kinder Kommunicator

May 15, 2016

Last week we discussed all things kindergarten! We talked about everything that kids learn in kindergarten. It was a lot of fun actually! Check out the picture below to see some of their ideas. This week we will be talking about and reading books about being a good friend and a good neighbor. We will not have any new sight words for the rest of the year! Make sure you are practicing the sight words at home!

In math we focused on teen numbers and combinations. We started the week reviewing that teen numbers are a group of ten and extra ones. Students worked on writing that as an addition problem (ex. 16=10+6). We have also been working on combinations of ten. We learned a new game called Snap-It to find combinations. Ask them how to play! This week, we will be reviewing money, 3D shapes, and beginning to learn about measurement.

Field Trip

Our field trip will be here soon. We are headed to the Lehigh Valley Zoo on May 19th. Students will need to pack a bagged lunch that day (no glass). More info will be coming soon.

Kindergarten Celebration

Mark your calendars for June 6th at 10:45 for AM kindergarten and 2:45 for PM kindergarten. You are invited to come into our classroom one final time to celebrate all your children have learned. We will share a story and a song with you, then celebrate with ice cream sundaes!

Important Reminders

  • Thursday 5/19 - Field Trip
  • 5/24 - Field Day
  • 5/27 - School Store (more info to come)
  • 5/30 - NO SCHOOL
  • 6/1 - Carnival Day
  • 6/6 - Kindergarten Celebration
  • Last day is June 9th

Miss Solomon

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.