All About Me

By: Aiswari SriPrabhakhar

Intro to My Life

I, Aiswari Narayani SriPrabhakhar, was born in the cold arctic Canadian weather on the last of November in the year of the Dragon. I have a younger, nuisance of a sister named Pooranie, a mother, Anushya, a father, Prabha, and a little barkless chihuahua, Nathi. I lived in Toronto, Canada for the first 6 months of my life and then moved to Arlington, TX. I've then moved around Texas: from Arlington to Carrolton to Lewisville to now Flower Mound. My dream is to become a successful Orthodontist, live in an organized and peaceful home, and to live a life where everyone looks up to me when I become the World Reuniter (a.k.a Dictator).

Tamil New Year 🇱🇰

Thursday, April 14th, 12am


Tamil New Year is the day we Tamilans celerbarate our New Years Day.

The Day I Got My Dog

It was the Chritmas Day of 2014. My family and I were driving to my grandfather's house for a Christmas lunch. As we were driving, there was a miniature chihuahua running all over Highway I-35. All the cars, trucks, vans, were scattered throughout the highway to avoid running over this dog. The dog ran underneath a big truck and coincidently, a family friend, who is also a a dog rescuer, was on the highway also driving to my grandfather's house. He went underneath the car a rescued to poor little thing and brought her to the house. When we all got there, our family volunteered to foster the dog, but that title as a foster vanished because bofh our family and the dog fell in love with each other and knew we were all meant to be together. So that's the story as to how I got my dog.