Northwest Spring Update

News at Northwest Junior High

No Spring Conferences

Due to a conflict in the master contract, we have been informed that we cannot hold conferences this spring. Although it has been the practice to have spring conferences for many years, our current contract language does not support this practice. At issue is the practice of trading one-half day on a non-contract day for the spring evening conference date. Unfortunately, discussions between the central office administration and teacher representatives outside of our building did not result in a solution for this year. I very much regret the loss of the spring conferences and I acknowledge that this decision did not serve the interests of parents, students or teachers. The NW staff has restructured the conference schedule for next year so we will have conferences each trimester.

For this spring semester, NW teachers and administers will be conducting phone conferences with all parents of students who have a grade of D or lower in any class. If your son/daughter is performing at a C or better and you would also like to have a phone conference, please contact the NW Guidance Department at 688-1060 and they will arrange for a teacher to contact you.

If parents have further concerns, please contact me, Gregg Shoultz, at the same number. I will be happy to provide more background information and discuss options for any parent who feels that they will need to arrange time with a teacher for conferences.

Week of Kindness

April 14-18 was the Week of Kindness at Northwest and it provided our staff and students will some unique ways to explore how a little kindness can go very far. Here are some highlights:

  • The week started with students stamping their handprint on three giant posters to acknowledge the focus on kindness. See photo.
  • Wednesday was "Mix-It-Up-At-Lunch-Day." Students and faculty drew numbers as they came into the cafeteria and they sat with someone new.
  • Thursday was the Twitter Kindness Challenge. Using the hashtag #nwjhkindness, students tweeted works of encouragement and kindness to each other.
  • Friday was Pay-It-Forward Day. Students watched this video and were challenged to pay forward an act of kindness. Students were also surprised by one anonymous member of the NW Community who hand wrote notes of kindness on cards and taped them on over 100 lockers.
  • Saturday was a bonus day for kindness in which a student posted this video and asked all members of the community to watch it.
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Spirit Week April 21-25

It is spirit week time again and it all leads up to the Spirit Assembly on Thursday and the Viking/Remley Relays that follow. Each day this week is a dress up day with its own theme:

  • Super Hero Monday--Come as your hero, super or otherwise.
  • Earth Day Tuesday--Wear your Earth Day T-shirt or dress up like our favorite organic teacher, Mr. Loots.
  • Nerds vs. Ninja Wednesday--Dress like a nerd or a ninja, your choice.
  • Green and White Thursday--get into it, there will be a spirit assembly at the end of the day.
  • Flip-Flop Friday--Summer is on the way, come wearing your favorite flip-flops. Sock are optional.
Parents, we could still use some help for the Remley Relays, follow this link to sign up to volunteer:

Multi-Media Northwest

If you haven't checked out the latest Northwest photo albums and videos, try some of these great links:

Northwest Talent Show

Burgess Wins National Science Essay Contest

Daniel Burgess was selected as the overall winner of the DuPont Challenge Science Essay Competition. Daniel's essay, "The Energy of Ideas" was selected from more than 9000 entries. Daniel, his parents and his science teacher, Mr. Thorson, will be heading to Orlando in May to be recognized at a ceremony in the NASA-Kennedy Space Center. Congratulations, Daniel.

Coming Soon to Northwest Junior High

Here are some up-coming events at Northwest!

April 23--Northwest PSTO Meeting, 12:00 pm in the Little Theater

April 24--Remley Viking Relays--4:00 West High School Track

May--Have-A-Seat Northwest Library Improvement Campaign!

May 9--Four NW students will be competing in the National MathCounts Competition

May 15--Wetlands Protection Day, aka, Wet and Muddy Day

May 16--8th Grade Party, 8:00 to 10:00

Chess Club Members Head to Nationals

Several very accomplished chess players currently in the NW Chess Club, are heading to the national competition this week in Atlanta, Georgia. Arshaq Saleem, Gukul Thangavel, Pranav Krishnamurhty and Theresa Knecht will all be competing individually and as a team.

In addition, Arshaq Saleem and Ziwn Zhou finished among top 6 Iowa players (of all age) based on qualifying points earned in 2013-2014 calendar year. They were the only two scholastic players made it all the way to the top tournament of the year.They battled against 4 other qualified vetran players on 3/29 and 3/30. It was a tight competition. Going in to 5th round Arshaq tied with two other players for the title. At the end Arshaq secured a clear second place by 1/2 behind the leader while Ziwen shared the 3rd spot with another player.

Congratulations to these talented chess players.